How to Combat Bullying in the Schools in 2012

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The Ramsey Board of Education of Ramsey, NJ settled for $4.2 million after a 6 year court case where the victim, Sawyer Rosenstein, was repeatedly intimidated and harassed verbally, physically and online. When he was 12, he emailed school officials “I would like to let you know that the bullying has increased,” he wrote to his guidance counselor at the Eric Smith Middle School. “I would like to figure out some coping mechanisms to deal with these situations, and I would just like to put this on file so if something happens again, we can show that there was past bullying situations.”

The situation came to a head when Rosenstein was punched in the abdomen at school on May 16, 2006, dropping him to his knees. according to his father, he came home that day, he complained of pain in his back but otherwise felt fine.Two days later, the seventh-grader let out a scream in his bedroom. “He hasn’t walked since,” his father said.

The blow had caused a clot in a major artery that supplies blood to his spine, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down from what his attorney described as an “incredibly rare” injury.

According to News 12 of New Jersey:

The School Board settled the dispute on the recommendation of the insurance company and NOT because they felt they did anything wrong.

Sawyer now attends Syracuse University

OK, the Ramsey Board of Education has been litigating the case for 6 years and if they thought they could win, they would have NOT settled. To fight a case like this, it’s probably costing the insurance company around $600,000 to $1,000,000. And anyone who ever had an insurance claim knows one thing…they’re not in the habit of giving money away easily. So if they thought they had a shot on winning the case, they would have continued the fight and not have “settled” for $4.2 million. The reason the insurance company decided to settle is because they needed to control the damages. They know that when a jury gets a hold of this, it could bankrupt the company.

Now on to the bigger issue, the anti-bullying policies are doing the same thing the gun control laws are doing. Good kids obey the law and the bad kids still do whatever they want. In the “Republic of New Jersey” we have gun laws that would make Stalin cringe, yet that doesn’t stop the bad guys from getting guns and doing whatever the hell they want. That’s because they’re BAD GUYS.

There will come a time where there is no teacher in sight and your kid is going to have to make a stand. No poster or slogan is going to save this kid.

Kids are no different, they’re good and bad. Most grow up to be law abiding citizens, others complete scumbags. Hey, they have to be coming from somewhere. All puppies are cute, it’s when they’re big and rabid that they sort of lose their cuteness.

A lot of schools are festooned with anti-bullying propaganda and still with all that nonsense kids still bully.

That’s because human nature is just that, human nature. And some kids are just bad. What’s happening is that the good kids DON’T stand up for themselves because they don’t want to get in trouble. My solution is to simply teach the kids how to physically protect themselves. We had to do it and it worked out pretty well.

Little kids = little problems = big kids, big problems. (Mo’ money = mo’ problems)

When they’re young they will only get bumped in bruised. The good kids will learn to stick up for themselves and the bullies will learn to respect others.
There were kids who tried to bully me and my friends growing up, some became my friend while others wound up in jail.

The result of all this anti-bullying propaganda is that the good kids are afraid to act. I have to argue with my kids because they’re afraid that they’ll get in trouble if they fight back. It took some undoing to instill a “justifiable self defense” mechanism. If they’re being touched and they can’t get away, protect yourself. Mom and Dad will talk to the school.

The anti-bullying policy is an administrator’s bureaucratic dream. First of all my impression of school policy is the same as politics. Filibuster until the problem goes away or we don’t have to deal with it anymore. The system is set up to manage litigation exposure. Couple this with the human condition to do as little work as possible and you have a system that isn’t designed to solve problems, only postpone or ignore them. The “zero tolerance” for bullying in the schools is bullshit. Unless your child is found being hung off the roof by his feet, there’s nothing they’re going to do.

Teachers and administrators are bureaucrats. They don’t get paid any more or less for sticking their neck out. At the end of the day they will not do anything that will put their job at risk. It’s human nature, chances are if you were a part of the system, you would act the same way. Listen, if they were being paid commission for every real problem they solved they would be making work for themselves. But they’re not, their REAL goal is to not get sued and to keep their job. To to that they will counsel and talk to your kid until they have moved through the system and are no longer their responsibility.

Oh, and if you’re one of those rare administrator who actually wants to provide a real solution to real problems, God help you. You’ll probably quit or be fired soon.

What’s a kid to do?

Stand up for yourself. Be old school and teach ’em how to fight back. Use the ineffectiveness of the school to deal with bullies to your kids advantage. Raise them the way you were raised and as a parent, step up and let them know you’ve got their back.

At the end of the day YOU have to deal with bullies, NOT the school.

The bullies are still there and will never go away. Better for your kids to learn this fact of life now when the risk is only a bump and a bruise.


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