How to Martial Arts: The Death Touch Secret

Are you someone who believes that a man can simply “tap” another man and cause death? If so, you’ll want to read this.

There are three ways human beings die (other than from disease and old age):

  1. Blunt Force Trauma
  2. Asphyxiation
  3. Blood Loss

There are vulnerable parts of the body (neck, throat, areas of the skull and face, spine, joints, genitals to name a few) where all that needs to be done is to be struck with some degree of force resulting in minor discomfort, unconsciousness or even death.

However, human death does not work like this in this video:

In the video, there are some interesting points the “MASTER” brought up:

  1. At 1:30 a “highly guarded, treasured secret” that you can come learn at a commercial run school that’s open to every one.
  2. The “NO TOUCH” knock out at 1:45 is classic!!! If this guy can do this, why isn’t he playing in the NFL?
  3. When the newswoman is being “stunned” at 3:05 he says “Relax, I’m not going to hurt you” REALLY?!?! We just had the paramedics in here and you’ve been knocking people out all morning.
  4. At 3:16, he refused to do the “no touch knock out” and he just smacked her in the side of the head (which works)
  5. 3:26 is a favorite part, he’s at a local BJJ school and he tries his methods on some students. The result, nothing. The “Master’s” response only about 40% of the people are “susceptible” to dim mak. That means according to him, his system will not work on 60% of the people in the world (personally I think that number is more like 100%) but even at 60%, it’s useless. How in the world will you know if the guy who’s trying to bash your brains in is vulnerable…after you wave your hands at him?!?!

Another famous “death touch” guy is George Dillman. George has been around since the “birth” of Karate in the US and has pictures with legends like Ed Parker and Bruce Lee. George has made millions teaching people his methods…that don’t work either.

Here’s a National Geographic piece on George:

So why do these guys still exist and continue to prosper? Because they tell people what they want to hear. This is the same reason there are tons of lose weight fast and easy, get rich quick and all of the other “over night success” stories that come across your late night TV programing. They are giving you the magic pill- no work, no sweat, just point and click.

Please use your common sense. With all physical contact in professional sports, don’t you think that someone would have accidentally stumbled upon this? Of all the maniac, psycho paths in the world don’t you think SOMEONE in the last century would have “offed” a few people like this?!?!?

There is no “no-touch knock out” or human stun gun. Self defense is simple, but it’s not magical. You can train more efficiently, you can work smarter, but you still have to put in some effort.

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