Success in Self Defense is Being Able to Adapt to Any Situation

You can’t afford to be a one dimensional fighter. However, the concept of being able to strike, submit and grapple is nothing new. This fact was understood by fighters throughout history. But things are different today.

Today are made to believe that you need to be a master grappler, a master of submissions and a master striker. You have been told that you need to be the best at every aspect of the fight game. This attitude may have been fostered, or at least helped along by wide popularity of the Mixed Martial Arts world. I like watching MMA just as much as the next guy, but it is unrealistic to think that you can be the master of all of these skills.

There just aren’t enough hours in the day for you to master striking, grappling and submissions. Some people spend their entire careers working to master one element. How can you expect to master all these things when you have a full time job, a family and bills to pay?

You can’t.

Even the top Mixed Martial Arts fighters, who train full time still make mistakes. In general, a Mixed Martial Arts fighter is not going to out-box a boxer, out-wrestle a wrestler or out-submit a Brazilian Jujitsu or Judo fighter.

The key to success in self defense is ADAPTATION.

You must cross train in a way where you can adapt your skill set to any situation. You must know when you’re getting in over your head. A good striker will not go to the ground with a good submission fighter. Yet, a fighter can train to know when they are getting in trouble, how to escape trouble and most importantly, how to adapt their skills to each situation.

The same is true in self defense. Not only do we deal with striking, submissions and grappling. We also have weapons, multiple assailants and changes in terrain. While the Mixed Martial Arts guys have a nice, soft, cushy mat, we’ve got the parking lot, snow and ice. And while the Mixed Martial Arts and other sport fighters have the luxury of a weight class, out on the street, you may be pitted against someone twice your weight and size!

In the Self Defense Training System (SDTS) you will get a specific skill set and discover how to adapt that skill set to any situation.

You’ll never out-box a boxer or out-submit a submission expert. The good news is you won’t have too. While those guys are stuck in their sporting mindset, you will be ending the fight using techniques that were made to cause injury, and incapacitate. Not score points or get taps. The Self Defense Training System shows you exactly how to adapt to any situation. Whether you are standing, on the ground, or against multiple, armed and larger attackers.

Learn to adapt and you can survive and win.

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