How to Self Defense: 3 Moves is All You Need

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What if I told you could not only survive, but win the overwhelming majority of all self defense situations with only 3 moves!!!

In fact this is the truth in every sport, craft and talent. Because all you need are a basic skills set combined with the primary principles of the craft to become successful. Carpentry, for example can be done with a level, a framing square, a saw and a hammer. It’s how well you work those tools and what you do with those tools that makes all the different.

Self defense is no different.

With a few basic hand strikes (heal of hand and edge of hand) and primary footwork (convulsive stomping and driving) combined with the right principle tactics and you’re all set. Throw in handful of gouges, tears and bites and you’re all set.

Once you have the basic skill set down you just learn to apply them to every possible position and situation.

Am I over simplifying…a little, but not that much.

The mistake people make is that they train for specific scenarios and situations. They will have one defense for a wrist grab and another for a punch. Training for each individual situation is like a carpenter learning how to build just one style of house. In order to “build many houses” you need to have the primary skill set and know how to adapt it to any situation. When you concentrate on “what type of attack” you are literally training your self to build “one type of house.” What you need to do is be able to break down what that attack has in common with all other attacks and then adapt your skill set to dismantle and defend against that attack.

Then there are other people who like collecting techniques. They look for the next new “move”. While techniques have they’re place, they won’t do you any good if you don’t have the basics. It’s like a carpenter getting a brand new air hammer. Sure it can drive a nail fast, but if he doesn’t have the foundation skills he’s still a bad carpenter, he will just be horrible faster than before.

Learning a more complicated technique like a strangle without any good foundation skills will probably get killed becuase by the time tyou get into a position of opportunity to apply the choke, you most likely will have been injured severely while your target has beaten, stabbed or shot you.

When it’s all said and done, defensive tactics only take a few skills trained the correct way to enable you to survive and win. Study the basics first, then go and get your shiny new tools.

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