Plans Are Being Made for the 2012 Self Defense Company Training Summit

Plans are being made for the 2012 Self Defense Company Training Summit.

How would you like to attend a training summit taught by the top self defense instructors in the U.S.? While we can’t reveal the full agenda yet, we can tell you that it will be an event not to be missed.

This event will be held in the latter part of the summer and be instructed by the staff of the Self Defense Company. It promises to be very exciting, with instruction during the day and activities at night. Plus there will be presenters and guest speakers.

The Self Defense Company it the leading self defense training company in the United States. It features self defense training on DVD as well as live training. It doesn’t matter your level of experience, newbie or seasoned veteran, the Self Defense Company has a training program for you.

Check back here in a few days and the full agenda of this event will be given, plus registration details.

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