How To Self Defense-When Attacked Do Whatever It Takes to Survive

The Self Defense Training System is different. There aren’t any sport techniques, there aren’t any pressure point or joint locking techniques, there are no forms or “katas” to memorize. All you learn are 100% combat proven techniques and tactics because against a determined, larger, violent attacker, who is quite possibly drunk or on drugs, those fancy techniques DO NOT WORK.

The Self Defense Training System is the most lethal system in the world for one simple reason: everything you will learn is designed to cause maximum damage your attacker. This is the only way to ensure your absolute greatest chance of survival.

Sure, you can simply disable someone with the Self Defense Training System and I would expect you to STOP once you feel you’re life and the lives of the people you care about are no longer in danger. But you can only do that AFTER you have taken control of the situation. You can only take control of the situation when you adopt an “ALL OR NOTHING” attitude. Anything less will leave you vulnerable.

If you are going to even attempt to protect yourself or your loved ones against your worst nightmare you must adopt an “all or nothing attitude”. You must be willing to do whatever it takes to survive. This is a fact of life. People who have survived attempted homicides and rapes have adopted this attitude. The SDTS trains you to adopt this attitude as well. The police are trained to “shoot to kill” because they know they can’t afford to take any chances and neither can you.

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