iFightBack App Shows You How to Kick Butt in Real World Scenarios

iFightBack is an app for your iPhone that gives users six real-world scenarios and the self defense solutions for them. The app, which is free, is from the Self Defense Company, the same people who created 60 Minute Self Defense and the Self Defense Training System.

If you’re curious about self defense and would like to know a few, basic self protection moves, download the iFightBack app. It features six real-world scenarios. Each scenario includes a replay of possible attacks where you would have to defend yourself. They range from being mugged on an elevator to having to fend off a rapist.

For each scenario there are three videos. The first shows you an ineffective defense. The second shows a successful defense from the Self Defense Training System. The third shows you step by step instruction on the same topic from self defense instructor, Damian Ross, who is also the CEO of the Self Defense Company.

iFightBack App Screenshot 1iFightBack App Screenshot 2

Be aware this app is not suggested for folks under the age of 17. This is mostly due to the violent nature of the reenacted scenes. But also due do the foul language that is featured prominently in almost every scenario.

The videos are short and sweet, but you will definitely come away with some sound self defense tips. For example, how to fend off an attacker that wraps his arms around you from behind.

Check out the app. Remember, it’s FREE.


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