Man Stands Up for Himself, Then Gets Attacked

Damian Ross, CEO of the Self Defense Company

Here is a story that is far too common.

A friend who works in construction, made a stop a Dunkin Donuts before he went out and made an honest day’s pay. While he standing in line two men cut in front and ordered their coffee.

This was typical middle-school b.s. and his friend wasn’t taking any of it. Once he realized what was happening he caught their attention and said “Hey there’s a line here!”

The bullies ignored him, got their order and left. He ordered his coffee and walked out to his truck thinking the situation was over. But before he could get into his car, the “line-cutters” boxed in his car and descended upon him.

The result was the good guy was banged up with a broken hand to boot. Not only did he lost the fight, he can’t work until he’s healed. Needless to say the scumbags who did this got away since there weren’t any witnesses and he didn’t have a good description of the car or the license plate.

Here’s my problem and it’s obvious. You want to stop people from taking advantage of weaker targets and you want to stand up for what is right, but are you prepared to “pay the price” for what is right?

Speaking up is only half of it, you have to back it up. Telling a man to get back in line is one thing, making him do it is something completely different.

Look, you have probably put someone in their place verbally, felt pretty good about it and got away with it. But what happens when that guy calls your bluff? Are you ready to walk the walk?

The problem is how we are raise. You’ve been told to seek “non-violent” solutions, and that fighting IS NEVER THE ANSWER. This is a flat out lie. Violence isn’t the answer until it is the ONLY answer.

Listen, violence may have never solved anything but it sure as hell STOPPED a lot of shit….(World War II for example).

Look, you may choose to live in a world where you believe there’s good in even the most violent child rapist. Me, people just need to be handled, some with a kind word, others with a swift boot, an edge of hand and a kind word. There are some dogs that are the family pet and protectors and others who are rabid and need to be put down.

Like the saying says, if you want peace, prepare for war.

Hey I love piece, a piece of his ear, a chunk of his cheek…

Seriously, if you’re going to take a stand and talk the talk, make sure you can walk the walk.

Damian Ross
The Self Defense Company

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