Hey Tough Guy – It’s All Just Window Dressing Unless You Have the Skills

Damian Ross, CEO, The Self Defense Company

Got an email from Damian Ross on tough guys. It’s really interesting and I think you should read it.

Here it is:

“There’s no such thing as tough, there’s only trained and untrained.”

I’ve seen people in business suits crush bikers in real street brawls. I’ve stood next to 3rd Degree Black Belts who were national champions only to watch them fold at the first sign of real trouble.

Black belts and bad attitudes are no guarantee you’ll survive an attempted rape or homicide.

Tough comes down to two factors: SKILL and WILL.

Knowing what to do and having the will to execute your knowledge with extreme prejudice.

If you’re a Black Belt and you don’t have the confidence to execute, you might as well just use it to hold up your pants. You can wear all the “Affliction” and “Tap Out” shirts you want. Put tattoos on your face for all I care, to me it’s just window dressing because…

Toughness begins in your heart.

Training enables you to extract your toughness to develop skill. Skill that can be used as a tool to implement your WILL.

This is simple, but not easy.

The techniques I will show you are simple, heck they’re supposed to be. The “hard” part is making a little time to practice. While I would love to do them for you, I already know this stuff- so now it’s your turn.

Self defense isn’t a sometime thing, it’s an all the time thing.

You can’t call for a time out or get injury time. In self defense it doesn’t matter how big or strong you are, it only matters if you have the skill and the will to get the job done.

Can a 105 woman dismantle a 250 pound rapist? Absolutely, just watch SDTS Combatives Module 9 of the Self Defense Training System to find out exactly how to do this.

Over the last several weeks we’ve had some serious breakdowns in social order. Hurricanes, gas shortages, power outages and, well elections – who knows what the next months have in store for you.

Believe me, when the lights go out and things get desperate, owning a gun is not enough- you need a complete and total defensive tactics solution. The SDTS not only teaches you empty hand methods, but it trains you to turn anything in your reach into a lethal weapon. Who needs a knife when a ball point pen will do the trick?

After all is said and done more is said than actually done. People of action get results. Here’s your chance to take action. I can’t make you do it, I can only show you how- you have to take the next step and start HERE.

Remember “Tapping” is for dancing….

The Self Defense Training System


Detective John M. Landry Reviews Guardian Defense Tactics

Recently, Detective John M. Landry, Ph.D. wrote a glowing review of the Guardian Defensive Tactics – Police Combatives DVD training set. Below is an except of his review, but let’s talk a little more about him.

He’s a full-time active duty police officer, training coordinator and police instructor in South Florida. He’s been instructing law enforcement officers since 1995, and is certified to teach law enforcement firearms, including rifles, shotguns, and pistols, but also defensive tactics, TASERs, chemical weapons, handcuffing, expandable batons, knife tactics, close combat, and officer survival. He is definitely an expert in the field of law enforcement and security defensive tactics.

Here’s what the detective had to say about the Guardian Defensive Tactics training:

“Damian Ross gets it. If there was ever an instruc­tor who knows what works and what does not work, it’s this guy. He is the pres­i­dent of the Self Defense Com­pany and cre­ator of the Guardian Defen­sive Tac­tics Police Com­bat­ives sys­tem, as well as the Self Defense Company’s flagship program, the Self Defense Training System.

I have been train­ing since 1974, in a myr­iad of mar­tial arts and defen­sive tac­tics sys­tems. I have been a Police Defen­sive Tac­tics instruc­tor since 1995. I have taught mar­tial arts since 1989. I can tell when a sys­tem has what it takes to keep you alive and when it is strictly for sport, for show, or sim­ply for profit. The Self Defense Company’s Guardian Defen­sive tac­tics Police Com­bat­ives pro­gram is the real deal!

If you like to learn more about this great training set on DVD, just go here:


2012 Self Defense Company Training Summit is Now Open for Registration

This summer, the Self Defense Company will hold the 2012 Self Defense Company Training Summit. The dates have just been announced. The event will start Tuesday, July 31 at 12pm and finish Saturday, August 4 at 4pm.

One fee covers all lodging, meals, training and entertainment for this event. It will be held at Ramapo College of New Jersey. It is located at 505 Ramapo Valley Road, Mahwah, New Jersey, 07430.

The 2012 training summit is an all-inclusive experience. Just pack your gear, get to the event, and everything will be taken care of. Each days consists of 6 hours of training, 1 hour of certification, 1 hour guest speaker and evening events.

2012 Self Defense Company Training Summit

The Training

The program will consist of training from two different Self Defense Company programs. All aspects of the Self Defense Training System and Guardian Defensive Tactics Police Combatives will be covered. In addition, you will have an opportunity to become certified at all levels. There will be about 35 hours of tactical training and 5 hours of class training at the event.

Daily Breakdown

Day 1: SDTS Level 1 Methods of Escape and Evasion, Essential Self Defense and Advanced Strikes (SDTS Modules 1 and 5)

Day 2: SDTS Level 2 Ground Fighting and Defense Vs. Mugs and Extreme Close Range Attacks (SDTS Modules 3 and 4)

Day 3: SDTS Level 3 Weapons offensive and Defensive Tactics (SDTS Modules 8 and 9)

Day 4: SDTS Level 4 Combat Take Downs and Quick Kills (SDTS Modules 10 and 12)

Day 5: Guardian Defensive Tactics Police Combatives

For more information on this one-of-a-king self defense training experience, just go here:

Self Defense Training System Does Not Replace Your Martial Art

Often when people see advertisements for the Self Defense Training System, they assume that Damian Ross wants to completely replace the martial art they have been studying. That is not the case.

Here’s what he has to say on the subject:

“It’s funny, after decades of teaching I still can’t believe I get the same comments over and over again. Here’s an example, and I’m paraphrasing, “Who do you think you are, I spent seven years training with Master Who-Flung-Poo and it’s the only one true method of self defense and combat. My instructor says so. You are a scam artist and my way is better. Even though I have never seen combat, been in a street fight, or have any historical evidence to back me up.”

Let’s clarify the Self Defense Company’s position.

Martial Arts can be broken into three distinct categories: Cultural Fighting Arts, Combat Sport, and Self Defense. While each might contain shared or similar elements to one another, real, proven methods of martial arts self defense training has not been seen by the general public in over 70 years.

Cultural fighting arts like Karate, Kung Fu, Aikido, etc. are fun, but those who practice these activities are more similar to being a Civil War re-enactor than a true warrior.

Combat sports like wrestling, boxing, judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and MMA, are all awesome training methods for conditioning, performing under stress, and physical contact. But unless you plan on defending yourself with rules, gloves, a mat, mouthpiece, rounds, and a referee, don’t make the mistake that these sports are a substitute for legitimate martial arts self defense training.

The Self Defense Training System is not meant to replace whatever martial art you are training. All we want you to do is to take a look at proven “old-school” defensive tactics and then simply add these battlefield methods to what you already know.

If you have not martial arts or self defense experience. Then it’s even better. You have nothing to modify. You are an uncarved block, and will pick up the tactics effortlessly.

A little known fact is that when the Nazis threatened to invade Britain, the elite commandos and the civilian guard did not train in different methods. Sure, the soldiers learned some advanced tactics, but everyone’s baseline of close-combat martial arts self defense training remained the same. This was because of one reason only…It actually WORKED.

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Guardian Defensive Tactics Police Combatives at a Special Price

Guardian Defensive Tactics - Police Combatives

Guardian Defensive Tactics Police Combatives allows you to dominate and control even the most dangerous and violent subjects, regardless of your age, experience, size, or whether you are are a man or woman.

Even if you don’t have any tactical training, the core power techniques of The Guardian System are so effective, that you’ll be able to perform them flawlessly on your next shift and change the most resistant and aggressive subjects into compliant and obedient subjects.

Remember that Combatives is not Martial Arts. The object of martial arts is to promote the physical and emotional growth and entertainment of the recipient. However, martial arts is not mortal combat. Martial arts have rules and constraints based on sport or ceremony. While combatives only have one purpose, kill or capture the enemy.

There are 291 copies of this popular training left at a very special price.

To order, follow this instruction:

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Remember, you don’t have to choose between techniques that are guaranteed to get you fired, your department sued, or sub-standard tactics that will get you killed. Now you can take control of any situation before it escalates out of control.

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