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Where Do You Put Your Hands When Facing a Weapon Attack?

Have you ever thought of where you should put your hands when you are facing a weapon attack?

In Module 8 of the Self Defense Training System Combatives program, you learn how to break attacks down into two primary types of weapon attacks:

  • Dynamic attacks, where your attacker is actively trying to bludgeon, stab or shoot you.
  • Static attacks where you are being held in a mugging or interrogation situation.

Here is a video from Instructor Tom Powers of Tomahawk Self Defense in Tomahawk, WI. He has a great rule for this situation:

Weapon high, hands high, weapon low, hands low.

In the video, Tom demonstrates the two types of weapon attacks.

Notice that Tom has made some great modifications to B.O.B. so he can practice weapon attacks. Very inventive. I’m going to copy what he did.

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How to Self Defense – What is the Definition of Combatives?

Combatives (kom-bat-tivs) is a method of fighting with the sole purpose of defeating or escaping from one’s enemy by whatever means necessary to gain the tactical advantage.

From the root word Combat (kom-bat):

  1. To fight or contend against; oppose vigorously.
  2. To battle; contend.

Combatives is not an art, it’s a method with a single purpose, defeat the threat by whatever means that gives you the tactical advantage. It’s not tied to a country or a culture, it’s purpose is only tied to a result: victory. Combatives training is about getting the job done. You don’t get points for style only effect. Your kick might not be pretty or high, but it sure can shatter his knee.

As you get older and your body changes the methods you use may change, but the result is still the same: victory. You could be a young man knocking guys out with an edge of hand or an old man diffusing a situation with pepper spray, it doesn’t matter, it’s still combatives because the RESULT is the only thing that matters.

Self Defense Training System Combatives

Training in the Self Defense Training System Combatives Program will show you how to adapt your skill set to meet whatever threat you or your loved ones may face. At the end of the day it’s not a matter of who’s right, only who’s left.

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Close Combat Training Stick Fighting Drill

This technique is from Module 9, Weapons Offensive Techniques, of the Self Defense Training System.

There is no deadlier person than a Self Defense Training System (SDTS) member with a weapon in his hands. In this module you will learn a knife fighting system that is so deadly, it has survived five wars and five decades.

You will also master a club fighting system that is so brutal it’s completely banned from stick fighting competition. Which brings us to our video.

Remember, this is a close combat training – stick fighting drill from Module 9:

For contrast, take a look at the 3 Foot Stick Fighting section from the US Army File Manual – Combatives, p.214. The actual techniques are shown in the illustrations on p.215 and p.216.

With the SDTS, there is no instructor needed. This training system was developed over decades of teaching and training thousands of people and is the benchmark for all self defense programs. You can join the ranks of scores of law enforcement officers, soldiers, civilians and martial artists who have decided to take charge of their training. What you know is only part of the equation, it’s how you do it that matters most.

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