Which Type of Person Are You: Hero, Witness or Victim?

Protector: CSI, Learn Techniques from the Cop Who Trains the Cops

This isn’t a martial arts thing or even a self defense thing, it’s a civic duty.


A Hero is someone who risks their own well being for the greater good.

A Witness is a Victim that hasn’t been attacked YET.

Look I realize that only a few, a very small percentage of you will ever have the guts to stand up and help.

That’s OK.

The vast majority of the world is and always will be submissive. That’s how a few people with the will to power seize control. That’s why criminals ALWAYS have victims to target.

I’m not talking to them. I’m talking to the HERO inside of you. The HERO that wants to step up and do the right thing. The HERO who watches a movie and gets frustrated when no one stands up against the bad guy.

The problem is the HERO inside of you, doesn’t know what to do?

If you saw someone struggling with a bunch of packages, you would help them wouldn’t you? Sure, because you know EXACTLY what to do.

If you saw a cop losing a fight, wouldn’t you WANT to help?
Of course you would because that cop is what stands between the piece of crap he’s fighting with AND YOU.

Because if the cop can’t control him, YOU’RE NEXT.

Well now you can step up and help and I’m going to show you how RIGHT HERE:

Terrorists, criminals and mass murderers know that most of the world will crap them selves when faced with a grave situation. They knew it on 9-11 and they knew it in Beslan, Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook.

The choice is yours: HERO, WITNESS or VICTIM.

That link again:


Are You Just Too Nice of a Person?

Photo of Ted Bundy in High School

Photo of Ted Bundy in High School

Maybe you’re just too nice? I’m the type of person who will ask anyone just about anything. Like if I see something I’m interested in, I ask and the vast majority of people are FAR TOO EAGER to tell me their story.

While this is a good trait that makes us neighborly and spread good cheer, criminals will use this “good will” against you.

It’s human nature that most people want to help. It makes you feel important and needed. We are far too happy to share a restaurant, recipe or talk about our vacations. We love to show and tell.

I have to chuckle when I see self defense students role play as the bad guy saying “give me your money?” like they were in a 1970’s crime drama.

Criminals are far too sophisticated for that. They will create situations where they will appear helpless. This will cause you to immediately dismiss them as a threat and proceed to put on your “Good Neighbor” badge and do whatever they ask.

A perfect example of this is serial killer Ted Bundy who would go as far as wear a cast and use crutches to get his victims to help him. Bundy was a charismatic attractive man who would lure women away from the public. As soon as he had them isolated, he would over take them and have his way killing , raping and torturing his victims and even engaging in necrophilia. He even went as far as decapitating 12 victims and keep their heads as mommentos. Bundy is credited with at least 30 homicides in at least seven states. Fortunately Bundy was put to death in the electric chair in 1989.

There are dozens if not hundreds of ways a criminal can isolate you. Fortunately you don’t have to know one of them.

In the SDTS Combatives Program you learn one simple rule: don’t get isolated. In training you discover how to become in tune with your environment. Each lesson teaches you how to pay attention to your surroundings and listen to your instincts. Then it is extremely simple, if you don’t know them, you’re not getting in a car, going into an apartment, entering a home or any place where you are isolated from the general public.

Criminals are cunning, they will use logical reasoning to leverage your “good will” against you, but it won’t work because after you tell them, “I’m going into this (store, bar or public place) and calling the police to help you. ”

Their true intentions will be revealed. If they wish to cause you harm they continue to press you NOW you know what they REALLY want, and if you can’t escape you will need to defend yourself and you can START HERE RIGHT NOW FOR FREE.

Bad people do bad things and sometimes good people need to do bad things to survive.

No B.S. just…

Train Honestly,

Damian Ross
CEO, The Self Defense Company

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Too Hurt To Train? Too Hurt to Learn How to Defend Yourself?

It’s a harsh world out there and if you’re serious about surviving and winning a real life assault, there’s something you need to know.

Have you ever watched those animal shows on the Discovery Channel? The criminals in the real word are the same as the predators on those shows. Even the mighty lion doesn’t choose the healthiest water buffalo. She chooses to prey on the young, weak, injured and old. You should be advised. If you are injured, tired, sick, older or somehow “off your game”, that’s like ringing the dinner bell to every scumbag out there.

At the Self Defense Company we have a rule:

“If you can leave your house, you better be able to protect yourself by whatever means possible.”

That means if you’re injured and you venture outside, prepare to pay the consequences.

If you feel you can’t train because you’re not in shape or you’re not feeling the best, the thought is this. I hope the bad guys feel the same way. Maybe they’ll come back and attack you after you’re trained and feeling better.

Listen, it’s important to heal and get better as fast as possible and you shouldn’t worsen any injury or illness by training. But, it is important to know how to fight within your current capabilities.

When you’re injured, you may have to eliminate or modify a technique. Perhaps you need to compensate with a weapon. None the less you must face reality and NOT use your current condition as an excuse for failure or just plain laziness. Be honest with yourself and your abilities.

If you’re serious about self defense you need to be good to go ANYTIME!

If you train in a system that doesn’t give you the tools to protect you and your loved ones when you are hurt then it is NOT a self defense system.

The Self Defense Training System gives you the tools. From brutal and devastating gross motor hand to hand skills to close combat weapon tactics and even non-lethal weapons training, you will have all you need for those times when you’re an attractive target. Because that limp is like ringing the dinner bell to the sum of the earth.

The Self Defense Training System allows you to train while injured. The methods were designed so that even if you’ re in the worst shape possible, you still will be able to kick ass. As long as you have the desire and the will to live!

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