Which Type of Person Are You: Hero, Witness or Victim?

Protector: CSI, Learn Techniques from the Cop Who Trains the Cops

This isn’t a martial arts thing or even a self defense thing, it’s a civic duty.


A Hero is someone who risks their own well being for the greater good.

A Witness is a Victim that hasn’t been attacked YET.

Look I realize that only a few, a very small percentage of you will ever have the guts to stand up and help.

That’s OK.

The vast majority of the world is and always will be submissive. That’s how a few people with the will to power seize control. That’s why criminals ALWAYS have victims to target.

I’m not talking to them. I’m talking to the HERO inside of you. The HERO that wants to step up and do the right thing. The HERO who watches a movie and gets frustrated when no one stands up against the bad guy.

The problem is the HERO inside of you, doesn’t know what to do?

If you saw someone struggling with a bunch of packages, you would help them wouldn’t you? Sure, because you know EXACTLY what to do.

If you saw a cop losing a fight, wouldn’t you WANT to help?
Of course you would because that cop is what stands between the piece of crap he’s fighting with AND YOU.

Because if the cop can’t control him, YOU’RE NEXT.

Well now you can step up and help and I’m going to show you how RIGHT HERE:

Terrorists, criminals and mass murderers know that most of the world will crap them selves when faced with a grave situation. They knew it on 9-11 and they knew it in Beslan, Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook.

The choice is yours: HERO, WITNESS or VICTIM.

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Protector: CSI, Learn Techniques from the Cop Who Trains the Cops

Protector: CSI, Learn Techniques from the Cop Who Trains the Cops

What’s the number 1 skill for gun owners?

It comes before gun safety and even before being able to hit your target. It’s the
most important yet it’s by far the most OVER LOOKED skill in all of gun ownership.

Most gun experts don’t EVEN talk about it.

It’s called Weapon Retention.

Weapon Retention is your ability to hold onto your weapon when someone tries to take it from you.


The reality is this, if you carry a hand gun or even have one in your house for self-defense there’s a GOOD chance you will be right on top of your attacker before you pull the trigger.

If you have a concealed carry permit, the reality of your gun being grabbed is even GREATER.

An attacker will probably try to seize your gun FIRST before you even have a chance to draw, aim and fire.

But before we continue, I have to tell you something – this is not the twisty wrist bulllsh!t we’ve been forced to learn.

You know the stuff no one uses and forgets the minute they leave the academy.

This is an SDTS combatives based program and has already had 100% success in the field.

The FIRST thing you should know BEFORE you pick up a gun is weapon retention. And this is how you do it.

In Protector: CSI we give you a complete hand gun retention program along with all you need to know about controlling, arresting and restraining violent subjects.

We take you step by step on how to maintain control of your weapon in EVERY and
ANY position and situation imaginable.

And if that wasn’t good enough, you’re going to learn from one of the most respected names in Law Enforcement, Det. Lt. Ed Kane.

So before it’s too late (we only have 450 of these protector packages available) get over to:

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After you order you will be taken to the special log in page and emailed your instant access code.

Like I said only 450 of these Protector Packages left (over $300 of material for $49!)

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