Can You Learn Self Defense From a Video?

Martial arts is NOT self defense. They are two different endeavors that share similar techniques.

Martial arts are a social, spiritual and physical journey, self defense is a skill set. And while training in self defense you will get in shape, introduce you to new people and give you huge amounts of confidence knowing you’re prepared to step up and do the right thing, these are just by-products of the purpose specific training that is called the Self Defense Training System (SDTS)

In self defense it doesn’t matter how many classes you have or how many belts you’ve earned. There’s only one thing that matters: CAN YOU DO IT?

Some martial artists feel threatened by what we do and to be honest, we’re really not a threat to them at all because someone who wants the martial arts experience will find a place to train. It’s a lifestyle choice and its not for everyone.

Self defense on the other hand is a skill that depends on one simple condition: The desire to protect your life, property and the welfare of others.

While this seems like a basic human condition of survival there are people (and always will be) who chose to ignore the realities of violence and depend on the sheepdogs: police, military, security and concerned citizens who will do their fighting for them.

We will never change their minds and that’s OK. It takes a special type of person to recognize how vulnerable you are and realize that you need to do something that’s efficient and constructive.

Which brings me to my original point: Can you learn from videos?

Can you learn self defense from videos on your own time, at your own pace in the comfort of your own home?

To answer that question, I’m going to shut up and let Dan do the talking.

Dan has been training on his own with the SDTS program for a few months, WITHOUT A PARTNER, in his basement simply following the SDTS program step by step.

Well what makes this video special is that this is the first time Dan EVER performed the SDTS on a live partner and well, I’ll let his video speak for itself:

If you REALLY practice two times a week for 40 minutes you will develop a skill set that could save your life, period. And this isn’t a life time endeavor, learn it once and it’s hardwired into your mind and body.

The to get started all you have to do is take the next small step and click the link below.


How to Self Defense – Learn Essential Techniques in 60 Minutes

There is a certain type of confidence that comes from knowing you can take care of yourself and your loved ones.

At our core, we’re still animals and protecting what’s ours is survival instinct that can’t be ignored.

You may not be aware of it, but fear plays a big role in your ability to survive. We have been taught that fear is to be avoided, a feeling to be suppressed. However, fear is an early warning system. It’s that little voice inside of your head that tells you there is trouble. Even though you may not have consciously recognized it yet.

In these situations, most people would wish they knew some self defense techniques. Perhaps they have been the victim of a violent crime. Or perhaps they know someone who has been victim of a violent crime. Being vulnerable is a terrible feeling. Feeling helpless is an even worse feeling.

You may find this hard to believe, but you can learn the essential techniques you need to protect yourself in only 60 minutes. You can learn seven simple lessons of self defense that could save your life.

60 Minute Self Defense is a DVD that will teach you the following seven lessons:

  1. Threat Identification – Avoidance and Technology
  2. Empty Hand Techniques From a Standing Position
  3. Multiple Assailants
  4. Single Hand Assaults
  5. Defense Against Grabs and Holds
  6. What to do when you are knocked down to the ground
  7. What to do when you are pinned on the ground

The 60 Minute Self Defense DVD is very affordable. And it’s guaranteed.

You owe it to yourself to check this out. It could save your life:


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