Self Defense Training System – Module 2 – Advanced Strikes

Simple put, Module 2 gives you EVERY CHEAP SHOT in the book. You will discover how to turn any part of your body into a weapon of mass destruction.

Building on what you learned in Module 1, you will see how to channel your new-found explosive power through techniques most martial arts masters wish they knew. You will learn how to be deadly at any range when you can turn every conceivable part of your body into a weapon.

In addition to the unorthodox and downright devious strikes in this module, there is also a complete Head Butting system. There is a right way and a wrong way to do head butts and you will learn the right way.

Module 2 also contains a complete Elbow Striking system. This system will help you to get out of some very dangerous situations.

The Head Butting and Elbow Striking systems could have been made into separate modules, but we spared no expense and crammed them into Module 2. When you complete this module, you will know more about street violence and pure combat than any martial arts master.

Here is a breakdown of what you’ll learn:

  • Crush any man’s face from 3 inches away.
  • Use the side of your fist to pulverize your target into mush.
  • Knock a man’s head from his shoulders with the SDC Style Double Chin Jab.
  • Fight out off an angry mob.
  • Use our complete “Head butting System” and turn the toughest barroom brawler into a weeping, bleeding baby.
  • Dislocate a rapist’s neck with one strike.
  • Send a grown man into convulsions with the “nut-smasher”!
  • Turn your elbows into sledgehammers with this concussive elbow striking system.
  • Make the softest part of your hand a deadly weapon.
  • Create SHOCK AND AWE with this NEVER BFORE seen Hip Strike technique.
  • Destroy a man’s knee with just the arch of your foot.
  • Snap an enemy’s neck like a twig.
  • Crush an attacker’s throat like a beer can.
  • Disorient and confuse any man with the ATOMIC PIMP SLAP.
  • Turn even the most brutal killer into a harmless puppy with this extreme version of the Hand Yoke.

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SDTS – Module 1 – Essential Self Defense

A lot of people are looking for How to Self Defense. And they want to learn quickly. Perhaps they had an incident with someone they know or with a total stranger. They don’t know anything about self defense. They just want to learn because they never want to feel that helpless, ever again.

There’s a self defense system I would like to tell you about. It’s called the Self Defense Training System and it was created by Damian Ross, CEO of the Self Defense Company. Damian has over 30 years experience in martial arts and close combat training. He created a system that everyone could use and get up to speed very quickly. It doesn’t require years of training and it doesn’t require a training partner. You can learn in the privacy in your own home and get set up with a small amount of cost.

The system is broken into 12 modules of DVDs and Manuals. This is a modern distance-learning system. Some of the DVDs teach the techniques and some teach how to practice the techniques using drills. You can get one module at a time or the full set all-at-once.

Let’s take a look at Module 1, which is called, Essential Self Defense. Anyone can watch this and in a couple of hours know some very powerful techniques that they can use immediately, if they had to. This will give you a great deal of confidence and satisfaction knowing that you can defend yourself.

This is what you’ll learn in Module 1:

  • Know the three secrets to self defense.
  • Be able to exploit the three weaknesses of ANY scumbag criminal.
  • Have incredible KNOCK OUT POWER without even winding up!
  • Easily destroy anyone with just the edge of your hand.
  • Turn into a human chain saw with the 3-count hit drill.
  • Forge the edge of your hand into a steel axe.
  • Render your attacker useless with the one shot “collar bone crack”
  • Have incredible lighting fast hand speed; it will be lights out before he knows it!
  • Be able to break his jaw and his neck simultaneously with one shot (Sorry, too lethal for Law Enforcement)
  • Set up ANYONE for attack, and they won’t have a clue you’re doing it.
  • Exploit the two areas on the human body that GUARANTEE a Knock out EVERY TIME.
  • Knock anyone out with one shot (regardless of your size, age man or woman).
  • Fight like and animal even if you’re injured or older.
  • Recall deadly techniques instantly.
  • Tap into your pure animal instinct.
  • Be able to on multiple attackers and win!
  • Be lethal on ANY terrain (ice, sand, parking lot or your kitchen).
  • Dismantle armed attackers in seconds (even if you don’t see the weapon).
  • Be good to go, anytime, anywhere once you know the Self Defense Common Denominators!
  • Know when you’re being set up for an attack and instantly turn the tables and turn the hunter into the hunted!
  • Win the fight BEFORE the first strike is ever thrown.

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Interested in the Most Lethal Self Defense Training on the Planet?

They took all the proven martial arts in the world and removed all of the sport and ceremony until only the most lethal and vicious techniques remained. They then added every possible method of silent killing from modern warfare plus every dirty trick in the book from old school gutter fighting. These techniques were put into a 12 step scientific training program called The Self Defense Training System. This is the most lethal self defense system on the planet. It is pure, unedited and uncensored brutality in a modern training system.

To put it simply, this is what you thought martial arts were supposed to be.

Remember when you signed up for martial arts? You wanted to learn the deadly killing secrets of the orient, but instead you were given a uniform, thrown in a class with a bunch of kids and made to punch the air for hours on end. You were told at some point, you would learn the deadly secrets. They were hidden in every form and every stance, all you had to do was keep coming to class and eventually they would be revealed to you.

For months on end, you were forced to learn forms, complicated techniques for every self defense situation imaginable (unfortunately they were so complicated that you forgot them as soon as you left class). While you loved martial arts, you never felt like you were getting what you came for. Deep down you knew there was something missing. And you wondered if what you were learning would have any real-world application on the street.

This self defense training is what you have been waiting for. To learn more about it, just go here:

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