How to Self Defense: The Secret Moves Needed to Survive an Attack

Today Damian Ross, CEO of the Self Defense Company, has some thoughts on secret moves:

“Kids always want to know the “secret move”. The one unstoppable move that will guarantee victory every time you unleash it. I know you may chuckle at the notion when it’s phrased that way, but you do the EXACT same thing when it comes to self defense.

Most systems are just that, a collection of moves and techniques based on a particular style. Then you are given a set of possible scenarios and forced to train specific responses to each individual situation. Technique based systems do not work because your recall under stress doesn’t allow you the time to search your memory and then engage your response. Now, this does appear to work in training, among peers when you’re mentally prepared for self defense against attackers who are coached to ensure your success.

The secret move, isn’t a “move” at all, but a formula of factors that all self defense situations contain. The techniques are only a means to enable you to gain advantage of the formula. Simply put, the techniques are any skill that will inflict more injury on your target than on yourself. The ones that afford you the least amount of contact are obviously preferred (tactical nuke is better than grappling).

Any action you take must be prioritized by the following assumptions: he’s armed, skilled, has friends, is determined and is capable of causing you harm.

The next consideration for techniques is environment including clothing. Will you be on an icy road or a sandy beach? Will you be wearing a uniform or a t-shirt and jeans? Are you in a warm or cold climate? All of these factors must be considered and incorporated into your training.

The final consideration for “techniques” is your physical ability and fitness. What will you be capable of doing. A professional fighter is going to have a different base line skill set than a professional football player or an accountant. Age, injury and fitness are serious, real considerations.

All of these factors of technique considered, the primary formula for self defense (the “secret”) comes down to Position, Distance, Momentum and Balance.

Position: where you are in relation to your target. Are you both standing, is one of you standing and one on the ground. Are you in the guard, the mount, the half guard, does he have your back or do you have his? Is he behind you or in front?

Distance: How far are you from the target?

Momentum: The mass and velocity of an object. If you have the momentum your target will have none. Training to move forward and take ground is crucial. A little test: when you watch someone demonstrate a defense technique and they “stay in the same spot” this is a huge red flag. You never stay still when fighting, you always need to be moving forward on the attack. If you train to stand still you are training to fail.

Balance: Maintain yours and break his.

By controlling momentum and balance you control the fight, period.

So there are no “secret moves” but there is a set of criteria that will enable you to formulate a system of personal protection and I wish you luck in doing that…or can skip all that and just go to now and get started for

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