Which Type of Person Are You: Hero, Witness or Victim?

Protector: CSI, Learn Techniques from the Cop Who Trains the Cops

This isn’t a martial arts thing or even a self defense thing, it’s a civic duty.


A Hero is someone who risks their own well being for the greater good.

A Witness is a Victim that hasn’t been attacked YET.

Look I realize that only a few, a very small percentage of you will ever have the guts to stand up and help.

That’s OK.

The vast majority of the world is and always will be submissive. That’s how a few people with the will to power seize control. That’s why criminals ALWAYS have victims to target.

I’m not talking to them. I’m talking to the HERO inside of you. The HERO that wants to step up and do the right thing. The HERO who watches a movie and gets frustrated when no one stands up against the bad guy.

The problem is the HERO inside of you, doesn’t know what to do?

If you saw someone struggling with a bunch of packages, you would help them wouldn’t you? Sure, because you know EXACTLY what to do.

If you saw a cop losing a fight, wouldn’t you WANT to help?
Of course you would because that cop is what stands between the piece of crap he’s fighting with AND YOU.

Because if the cop can’t control him, YOU’RE NEXT.

Well now you can step up and help and I’m going to show you how RIGHT HERE:

Terrorists, criminals and mass murderers know that most of the world will crap them selves when faced with a grave situation. They knew it on 9-11 and they knew it in Beslan, Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook.

The choice is yours: HERO, WITNESS or VICTIM.

That link again:


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