Guardian Defense Tactics: Rear Stomp Take Down, Figure 4 Leg Lock

Guardian Defensive Tactics - Police Combatives

This video shows you a brutal, non-lethal use of force take down and control that you can learn today and apply on your next shift. It works alone or with a partner (which is most likely). This is the latest release from The Self Defense Company, and it’s called Guardian Defensive Tactics – Police Combatives. This is the only non-lethal use of force program that NEVER puts you in danger and puts officer safety first. This program will allow you to dominate even the most desperate meth-head by destroying his equilibrium and short circuiting his central nervous system.

Here is a demonstration of two techniques. The first is the Rear Stomp Take Down, which is done from behind the assailant. The second is the Figure 4 Leg Lock, which is done with the assailant lying face down, on their stomach.

To learn more about these techniques, just go here:


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