Hey Tough Guy – It’s All Just Window Dressing Unless You Have the Skills

Damian Ross, CEO, The Self Defense Company

Got an email from Damian Ross on tough guys. It’s really interesting and I think you should read it.

Here it is:

“There’s no such thing as tough, there’s only trained and untrained.”

I’ve seen people in business suits crush bikers in real street brawls. I’ve stood next to 3rd Degree Black Belts who were national champions only to watch them fold at the first sign of real trouble.

Black belts and bad attitudes are no guarantee you’ll survive an attempted rape or homicide.

Tough comes down to two factors: SKILL and WILL.

Knowing what to do and having the will to execute your knowledge with extreme prejudice.

If you’re a Black Belt and you don’t have the confidence to execute, you might as well just use it to hold up your pants. You can wear all the “Affliction” and “Tap Out” shirts you want. Put tattoos on your face for all I care, to me it’s just window dressing because…

Toughness begins in your heart.

Training enables you to extract your toughness to develop skill. Skill that can be used as a tool to implement your WILL.

This is simple, but not easy.

The techniques I will show you are simple, heck they’re supposed to be. The “hard” part is making a little time to practice. While I would love to do them for you, I already know this stuff- so now it’s your turn.

Self defense isn’t a sometime thing, it’s an all the time thing.

You can’t call for a time out or get injury time. In self defense it doesn’t matter how big or strong you are, it only matters if you have the skill and the will to get the job done.

Can a 105 woman dismantle a 250 pound rapist? Absolutely, just watch SDTS Combatives Module 9 of the Self Defense Training System to find out exactly how to do this.

Over the last several weeks we’ve had some serious breakdowns in social order. Hurricanes, gas shortages, power outages and, well elections – who knows what the next months have in store for you.

Believe me, when the lights go out and things get desperate, owning a gun is not enough- you need a complete and total defensive tactics solution. The SDTS not only teaches you empty hand methods, but it trains you to turn anything in your reach into a lethal weapon. Who needs a knife when a ball point pen will do the trick?

After all is said and done more is said than actually done. People of action get results. Here’s your chance to take action. I can’t make you do it, I can only show you how- you have to take the next step and start HERE.

Remember “Tapping” is for dancing….

The Self Defense Training System


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