Modern Video Game Military Has No Use for Hand to Hand Training

Over the last few decades, the U.S. military has seen less need for lethal hand to hand combat skills. Advancements in technology, precision air strikes, superior small weapons and night vision have all but eliminated the need for serious hand to hand training. This trend has accelerated with the proliferation of the use of drones in warfare.

Today, modern hand to hand combat training has been replaced with confidence and team-building combat sport-oriented exercises. More training time is spent on physical conditioning, marksmanship, equipment operation and looking at a computer screen.

For the modern military, hand to hand confrontations are a remote possibility at best and soldiers found in these situations are forced to rely on sheer will to survive. The cost and time involved are too high for the expendable fighting soldier. Only specialized forces with the specific need STILL receive this tactical training. But now, the average citizen can have the very same training with The Self Defense Training System!

Modern warfare may have changed, but the brutal reality of self defense has always stayed the same: it’s still boots, fists, knives clubs and guns. Hand to hand, eye to eye, tooth and nail. You must do whatever it takes to survive and win. This is the spirit of The Self Defense Training System!

The Most Lethal Self Defense System is Yours for the Taking

For over 30 years, this deadly fighting system was locked behind closed doors and reserved for only an elite, close knit circle of citizens, soldiers and cops who only by word of mouth and sheer luck, could be trained is these lethal tactics. In the late 1980’s, Self Defense Company CEO, Damian Ross fell into this brutal brotherhood through some lifelong law enforcement contacts. Gaining an introduction, he found himself neck deep in some of the most brutal training he could have imagined. Damian Ross recalls,

“I remember thinking, this is what martial arts was supposed to be! I was studying Tae Kwon Do at the time and I thought I was learning a killing art, but that stuff never worked in the street. As soon as I saw this I knew this is what I’ve been looking for, my search was over!”

From that day forward, Damian dedicated his life to training and teaching these brutal methods. Over the next two decades he continued his research, refining methods and building a training system so that anyone, regardless of age, size or experience could become lethal. This systematized program of mayhem is known as The Self Defense Training System.

The system was let loose on the world in 2007 and continues to take the self defense world by storm and its all here, waiting for you to reap the benefits of a century of kill or be killed training.

There are 12 modules in the system. You can get the entire system all at once or you can get one module at a time on a monthly basis. There is even a free trial to get you started. Test drive this system for yourself.


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