How to Self Defense: Can You Kick in a Street Fight?

Yes, you can kick in a street fight, but it’s not like you think.

Martial Artists train to kick barefoot which is about the same as punching without gloves. The small bones in the foot have a tendency to break and shatter unless you happen to hit with the correct part of the foot. Traditional styles focus on the heel, ball, sole and edges of the feet as well as the shin. Others even go as far as to use the tips of the toes and they spend a great deal of time conditioning them. While I appreciate the time, effort and the theory behind the tip of toe kick (yes, I’ve even seen them break boards). It is a much better use of time concentrating on other things, like kicking with shoes on.

Anyone who has accidentally kicked an elbow or a shin while sparring knows it can and will leave a mark. It’s a good thing for you, you wear shoes. Shoes, boots and even sneakers add a much needed layer of protection. They protect the toes and the smaller bones in the foot that are vulnerable when bare. Shoes allow you to focus with making contact with power using any part of the foot: the point of the shoe, the heel of the shoe, the sole and the edges of the shoe. Your footwear is like having a little cache of weapons on your feet!

The other benefit of your Combat K-Swiss is the added weight. Weight means MASS and when combined with VELOCITY it equals MORE POWER. And power is king in the street my friend.

But there’s one catch, you have to train with shoes on. In the Self Defense Training System Combatives Program you train in boots, shoes and whatever else you wear in the world. There’s no real sense NOT training correctly and in this case means with shoes on!

Instructor Tom Powers from Tomahawk Self Defense in Tomahawk, Wisconsin does a great job explaining SDTS Combatives Kicking in the following video. Have a look.

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