The “Test” According to LtCol Rex Applegate, Hand to Hand Pioneer

Lt.Col. Rex Applegate, the pioneer of Hand to Hand Combat in the United States, had a “test” for a system. His test was this:

“Will this [fighting system] work so that I can use it instinctively in vital combat against an opponent who is determined to prevent me from doing so, and who is striving to eliminate me by fair means or foul”.

Col. Rex Applegate

Col. Rex Applegate (Makes GI Joe his bitch)

It really does NOT matter what style, system, method, or technique you MAY wish to apply to your personal survival training. What DOES matter is, if “whatever” you choose passes the TEST.

This requires HONEST self-appraisal. Forget how you would LIKE the world to be, see it as it really is and look at yourself in the same light.

I’ve learned thousands of techniques over the years. I practice about a dozen (striking and grappling) on a daily basis. I have been ruthless in rejecting ANY technique or method that DOES NOT pass Applegate’s “test”.

We can take a page from combat sports here:

MMA, boxers, wrestlers, and Judokas ALL have that one “Sunday punch”. That one technique that they have drilled and practiced, and drilled and practiced and generally these “techniques” as applied to each specific sport are repeated over and over. Why?
Because these methods have the BEST overall track record of success. There is only one reason you see the same group of techniques over and over again in sport competition: they work. Watch hundreds of MMA, wrestling, judo bjj and boxing bouts and you will see a definitive pattern of decisive winning techniques and they are very few in number.

The same goes for street fighting.

Georges Carpentier was a champion Savateur [French kick boxing] and boxer. He was known for his right hand KO power and technique. He called this punch his “whip punch”. His bread and butter, his Sunday “best”. He said that it took him TEN years of hard work before he felt he really “mastered” this ONE technique!!!!

Georges Carpentier, Savate fighter

Savate fighter, Georges Carpentier…don’t let the hair fool you.

There is a vital fundamental lesson there. It took a professional fighter 10 year to truly perfect one technique. The definition of perfect being that you could use it with satisfactory results the majority of the time.

This is the purpose of the Self Defense Training System ( was to only use techniques and tactics that PASS THE TEST and train them until you find YOUR favorite technique, your Sunday’s Best. Then you learn how to adapt your favorite techniques to any situation.

At the end of the day, it’s not about style, how long you train or how many medals you have, the only thing that matters is will it work against “instinctively in vital combat against an opponent who is determined to prevent me from doing so, and who is striving to eliminate me by fair means or foul”

So the next time you “learn” some technique, put it thru the “test” and be honest about it.

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How to Martial Arts: The Death Touch Secret

Are you someone who believes that a man can simply “tap” another man and cause death? If so, you’ll want to read this.

There are three ways human beings die (other than from disease and old age):

  1. Blunt Force Trauma
  2. Asphyxiation
  3. Blood Loss

There are vulnerable parts of the body (neck, throat, areas of the skull and face, spine, joints, genitals to name a few) where all that needs to be done is to be struck with some degree of force resulting in minor discomfort, unconsciousness or even death.

However, human death does not work like this in this video:

In the video, there are some interesting points the “MASTER” brought up:

  1. At 1:30 a “highly guarded, treasured secret” that you can come learn at a commercial run school that’s open to every one.
  2. The “NO TOUCH” knock out at 1:45 is classic!!! If this guy can do this, why isn’t he playing in the NFL?
  3. When the newswoman is being “stunned” at 3:05 he says “Relax, I’m not going to hurt you” REALLY?!?! We just had the paramedics in here and you’ve been knocking people out all morning.
  4. At 3:16, he refused to do the “no touch knock out” and he just smacked her in the side of the head (which works)
  5. 3:26 is a favorite part, he’s at a local BJJ school and he tries his methods on some students. The result, nothing. The “Master’s” response only about 40% of the people are “susceptible” to dim mak. That means according to him, his system will not work on 60% of the people in the world (personally I think that number is more like 100%) but even at 60%, it’s useless. How in the world will you know if the guy who’s trying to bash your brains in is vulnerable…after you wave your hands at him?!?!

Another famous “death touch” guy is George Dillman. George has been around since the “birth” of Karate in the US and has pictures with legends like Ed Parker and Bruce Lee. George has made millions teaching people his methods…that don’t work either.

Here’s a National Geographic piece on George:

So why do these guys still exist and continue to prosper? Because they tell people what they want to hear. This is the same reason there are tons of lose weight fast and easy, get rich quick and all of the other “over night success” stories that come across your late night TV programing. They are giving you the magic pill- no work, no sweat, just point and click.

Please use your common sense. With all physical contact in professional sports, don’t you think that someone would have accidentally stumbled upon this? Of all the maniac, psycho paths in the world don’t you think SOMEONE in the last century would have “offed” a few people like this?!?!?

There is no “no-touch knock out” or human stun gun. Self defense is simple, but it’s not magical. You can train more efficiently, you can work smarter, but you still have to put in some effort.

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Success in Self Defense is Being Able to Adapt to Any Situation

You can’t afford to be a one dimensional fighter. However, the concept of being able to strike, submit and grapple is nothing new. This fact was understood by fighters throughout history. But things are different today.

Today are made to believe that you need to be a master grappler, a master of submissions and a master striker. You have been told that you need to be the best at every aspect of the fight game. This attitude may have been fostered, or at least helped along by wide popularity of the Mixed Martial Arts world. I like watching MMA just as much as the next guy, but it is unrealistic to think that you can be the master of all of these skills.

There just aren’t enough hours in the day for you to master striking, grappling and submissions. Some people spend their entire careers working to master one element. How can you expect to master all these things when you have a full time job, a family and bills to pay?

You can’t.

Even the top Mixed Martial Arts fighters, who train full time still make mistakes. In general, a Mixed Martial Arts fighter is not going to out-box a boxer, out-wrestle a wrestler or out-submit a Brazilian Jujitsu or Judo fighter.

The key to success in self defense is ADAPTATION.

You must cross train in a way where you can adapt your skill set to any situation. You must know when you’re getting in over your head. A good striker will not go to the ground with a good submission fighter. Yet, a fighter can train to know when they are getting in trouble, how to escape trouble and most importantly, how to adapt their skills to each situation.

The same is true in self defense. Not only do we deal with striking, submissions and grappling. We also have weapons, multiple assailants and changes in terrain. While the Mixed Martial Arts guys have a nice, soft, cushy mat, we’ve got the parking lot, snow and ice. And while the Mixed Martial Arts and other sport fighters have the luxury of a weight class, out on the street, you may be pitted against someone twice your weight and size!

In the Self Defense Training System (SDTS) you will get a specific skill set and discover how to adapt that skill set to any situation.

You’ll never out-box a boxer or out-submit a submission expert. The good news is you won’t have too. While those guys are stuck in their sporting mindset, you will be ending the fight using techniques that were made to cause injury, and incapacitate. Not score points or get taps. The Self Defense Training System shows you exactly how to adapt to any situation. Whether you are standing, on the ground, or against multiple, armed and larger attackers.

Learn to adapt and you can survive and win.

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Ground Fighting is Not the Same As Grappling

In Module 3 of the Self Defense Training System, you will learn a valuable lesson. Ground fighting is not the same as grappling.

Grappling is a skill that involves subtle maneuvering and positioning. It requires years of practice and a lot of dedication in order to become proficient. Ground fighting involves doing whatever it takes as fast as you can do it to end the fight or at least to improve your position.

Never choose the ground. It limits your mobility, it limits your striking power and ability and most of all, it leaves you vulnerable to get stomped by friends of your attacker.

Also, the ground hurts. There are broken bottles, debris, rocks, stumps, concrete and just the cold, hard ground itself will wreak havoc with your body. Did you know that concealed weapons (we show you that in Module 9 of the SDTS!) can be pulled and used from any grappling position?

When you are in a fight, the clock is ticking. It is in your best interest to end the fight as soon as possible. Methods that teach you to wait and look for an opening are not tactically sound and might get you killed.

Sports like Wrestling, Judo, Brazilian Jujitsu and Mixed Martial Arts are great and will help you in self defense if trained in conjunction with the Self Defense Training System. But make no mistake, you’re primary job when on the ground is to either get off the ground or end the fight immediately.

Here’s a video done by Damian Ross, CEO of the Self Defense Company, where he talks about ground fighting and some of the things that can be done from this position.

For contrast, check out basic ground-fighting techniques that US troops are being taught. Here is p.38 of the US Army Field Manual – Combatives. As you page through the field manual, you will notice that there are a lot of techniques to remember. With the SDTS, things are much simpler, and you don’t have to remember as much. Just one set of reliable techniques that you can apply to multiple situations.

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