FREE Module 1 of Self Defense Training System Until November 30, 2012

Free, Free, Free.

Cyber Monday is over, but the Self Defense Company is still giving away free stuff.

Until November 30, you can get a FREE Module 1 of the Self Defense Training System (SDTS).

Did you hear me?


After 30 days, you will be charged $49.99 for each additional module in the 12 module system. However, you can cancel the program at any time.

You will also have access to hundreds of field manuals, CIA documents and a whole host of other research material. It’s absolutely crazy.

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Only 40 Chances Left to Get Module 1 of the Self Defense Training System At 50% Off

The Self Defense Company is having a Black & Blue Friday promotion and only 40 courses are left!

If you order now, you will 50% off Module 1 of the world renowned SDTS Combatives Program just by entering the coupon code:


To tell you the truth, they were going to let the promo run until midnight, but bad news…

The promo might end before then.

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Damian Ross Demonstrates Use of the Yawara Stick in Self Defense

Here’s a great video on the use of the Yawara Stick by Damian Ross, CEO of the Self Defense Company. The Yawara Stick is a type of fist pack and it’s bad news if you are on the receiving end of it.

In the video, Damian first explains what a Yawara Stick is and how many household items could be used in a similar fashion. He then goes on to demonstrate several types of strikes and blows with the weapon.

Here’s the video:

This weapon is covered in Module 11, Old School Weapons and Techniques, of the Self Defense Training System.

To get started with the most devastating self defense system on the planet, go here:


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