A US Army Special Forces Captain recently sent Damian Ross, CEO of the Self Defense Company an email regarding his thoughts on the Self Defense Training System. He got the system while serving in Afghanistan. He is now a contractor for the US Department of State, is a life-long martial artist and former state champion wrestler.

This is what he had to say about the SDTS:

“The training and teaching techniques embedded in this program are the most intuitive I’ve ever experienced in my 15 years of professional military, federal and private sector work. I speak from experience, having been trained in combatives with special forces, UFC, Krav Maga and a lifetime of wrestling. I highly recommend this method of self defense training for anyone regardless of experience. It’s not what you know, it’s how you apply it.”

John Poerstel (Contractor, U.S. Department of State)
US Army Captain, Airborne, SFAS graduate, Certified Level II combatives, High School Wrestling Champion

If you would like to join John and others who are training with the Self Defense Training System, just go here to get started with your FREE trial. You’ll be amazed what you can do with the right instruction!



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