Guardian Weapon Retention

Guardian Weapon Retention

If you work in law enforcement, the military, private security, carry a firearm, or if just want to learn how to control someone who is violent and combative without the use of lethal force, then you will want to know about the Guardian Defensive Tactics.

Pepper spray and tasers are not 100% effective. In addition, if legislation continues on its current path, even those and all other tools of the trade will be deemed “inhumane” and outlawed leaving you with only one real option: your wits and your empty hands. And if you continue to rely on your current antiquated, outdated and dare I say useless tactics that degenerate in the street faster than you can say “see you on YOUTUBE”, then you my friend will be the next cautionary tale the vets tell the rookies their first day on patrol.

Even if you don’t have any tactical training whatsoever, the core power techniques of this sytem are so effective, that you’ll be able to perform them flawlessly on your next shift and turn even the most resistant and aggressive subject compliant and obedient.

This release from The Self Defense Company is called Guardian Weapon Retention. This is the only non-lethal use of force program that NEVER puts you in danger and puts officer safety first. This program will allow you to dominate even the most desperate meth-head by destroying his equilibrium and short circuiting his central nervous system.

Here is a demonstration of two techniques. The first is the Rear Stomp Take Down, which is done from behind the assailant. The second is the Figure 4 Leg Lock, which is done with the assailant lying face down, on their stomach.

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