Child Safe Self Defense

Child Safe Self Defense

Children growing up today face tough challenges. There is bullying in the schools and there are sexual predators out on the streets. Even living in the best neighborhoods no longer guarantees the safety of our children. In today’s world, all children are at risk of being in these situations.

Many parents struggle with whether they should teach their children how to defend themselves. Some can’t conceive of ever doing that. Others are worried that if they do, their child might use it in a situation where it wasn’t warranted. Perhaps against other classmates. What should a parent do?

A recent post on the subject was made by self defense expert, Damian Ross, in the Self Defense Company forum. Here’s what he had to say:

“Training kids involves two issues: conflict with friends and peers and conflict with larger, older predators.

Conflict with friends and peers

Before puberty it’s extremely difficult for them to generate enough power to injure. It’s like they’re made for sparring with each other (think tiger cubs playing with each other).

Conflict with larger, older predators

When a child is faced with a larger older predator they have to escape, period.

When they’re in their teens they should understand the same concepts and consequences as adults and should be treated as such. Stop the threat. Fights at this age are just as dangerous but obviously common sense must prevail.”

If you are interested in learning how to protect your children and how your family can work together as a unit. Check out the Child Safe Program by clicking below:


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