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You Think It’ll Never Happen to You, Until It Does

Damian Ross of the Self Defense Company received a call from an attendee of last year’s training summit and she told him of a story that happened to a woman who lived in the condo across the street from her. I’d like to share this story with you.

The victim here was a lady who used to deal drugs until several years ago when she decided to change her life. She moved to another state, got her life together, and got married. However, in her case, she was not done paying for her sins.

Her trouble started when she was selling her car. The young man who purchased the car recognized her as someone who used to deal drugs to his older brother. Later he, another male and a 17 year old, pregnant female came back to rob her figuring she was doing well and still had cash and a stash of drugs at the condo. They robbed her, stabbed her to death and “blew the house up.” The front door of her condo was blown completely off the hinges.

The moral of this story is that you never know who your neighbors are. Everyone has a past and everyone has a story to tell, some good, some not so good.

Sometimes you don’t have to go find trouble, trouble just finds you. Even though the chances are lower if you live in a better community, they’re still just “chances”, not “definites”.

It’s better to know how to defend yourself than not know. It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

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Too Hurt To Train? Too Hurt to Learn How to Defend Yourself?

It’s a harsh world out there and if you’re serious about surviving and winning a real life assault, there’s something you need to know.

Have you ever watched those animal shows on the Discovery Channel? The criminals in the real word are the same as the predators on those shows. Even the mighty lion doesn’t choose the healthiest water buffalo. She chooses to prey on the young, weak, injured and old. You should be advised. If you are injured, tired, sick, older or somehow “off your game”, that’s like ringing the dinner bell to every scumbag out there.

At the Self Defense Company we have a rule:

“If you can leave your house, you better be able to protect yourself by whatever means possible.”

That means if you’re injured and you venture outside, prepare to pay the consequences.

If you feel you can’t train because you’re not in shape or you’re not feeling the best, the thought is this. I hope the bad guys feel the same way. Maybe they’ll come back and attack you after you’re trained and feeling better.

Listen, it’s important to heal and get better as fast as possible and you shouldn’t worsen any injury or illness by training. But, it is important to know how to fight within your current capabilities.

When you’re injured, you may have to eliminate or modify a technique. Perhaps you need to compensate with a weapon. None the less you must face reality and NOT use your current condition as an excuse for failure or just plain laziness. Be honest with yourself and your abilities.

If you’re serious about self defense you need to be good to go ANYTIME!

If you train in a system that doesn’t give you the tools to protect you and your loved ones when you are hurt then it is NOT a self defense system.

The Self Defense Training System gives you the tools. From brutal and devastating gross motor hand to hand skills to close combat weapon tactics and even non-lethal weapons training, you will have all you need for those times when you’re an attractive target. Because that limp is like ringing the dinner bell to the sum of the earth.

The Self Defense Training System allows you to train while injured. The methods were designed so that even if you’ re in the worst shape possible, you still will be able to kick ass. As long as you have the desire and the will to live!

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Detective John M. Landry Reviews Guardian Defense Tactics

Recently, Detective John M. Landry, Ph.D. wrote a glowing review of the Guardian Defensive Tactics – Police Combatives DVD training set. Below is an except of his review, but let’s talk a little more about him.

He’s a full-time active duty police officer, training coordinator and police instructor in South Florida. He’s been instructing law enforcement officers since 1995, and is certified to teach law enforcement firearms, including rifles, shotguns, and pistols, but also defensive tactics, TASERs, chemical weapons, handcuffing, expandable batons, knife tactics, close combat, and officer survival. He is definitely an expert in the field of law enforcement and security defensive tactics.

Here’s what the detective had to say about the Guardian Defensive Tactics training:

“Damian Ross gets it. If there was ever an instruc­tor who knows what works and what does not work, it’s this guy. He is the pres­i­dent of the Self Defense Com­pany and cre­ator of the Guardian Defen­sive Tac­tics Police Com­bat­ives sys­tem, as well as the Self Defense Company’s flagship program, the Self Defense Training System.

I have been train­ing since 1974, in a myr­iad of mar­tial arts and defen­sive tac­tics sys­tems. I have been a Police Defen­sive Tac­tics instruc­tor since 1995. I have taught mar­tial arts since 1989. I can tell when a sys­tem has what it takes to keep you alive and when it is strictly for sport, for show, or sim­ply for profit. The Self Defense Company’s Guardian Defen­sive tac­tics Police Com­bat­ives pro­gram is the real deal!

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A US Army Special Forces Captain recently sent Damian Ross, CEO of the Self Defense Company an email regarding his thoughts on the Self Defense Training System. He got the system while serving in Afghanistan. He is now a contractor for the US Department of State, is a life-long martial artist and former state champion wrestler.

This is what he had to say about the SDTS:

“The training and teaching techniques embedded in this program are the most intuitive I’ve ever experienced in my 15 years of professional military, federal and private sector work. I speak from experience, having been trained in combatives with special forces, UFC, Krav Maga and a lifetime of wrestling. I highly recommend this method of self defense training for anyone regardless of experience. It’s not what you know, it’s how you apply it.”

John Poerstel (Contractor, U.S. Department of State)
US Army Captain, Airborne, SFAS graduate, Certified Level II combatives, High School Wrestling Champion

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SDTS Members Are Lovers Not Fighters!

I received an interesting email today from Damian Ross, CEO of the Self Defense Company. It puts in perspective what it means to have the skills to defend yourself and the confidence that comes along with it.

Here is the text of the email:

Some people think you need to act like a jerk in order to be tough.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The tough guys I knew growing up were kind, kept to themselves and didn’t look for trouble. They were like a watch dog. Lovable, fun and caring, but when there was trouble they’d flip the switch and end it fast and quick.

The loud mouths and bullies weren’t tough guys or bad asses at all, they were a$$holes.

Someone who is tough takes the road less traveled. They face fear and step forward when fear wants them to step back. They fight through the pain and keep going. When it matters, tough will rise to the occasion and get the job done no matter what the cost.

It’s not easy being tough.

But being tough is not enough. The will to do whatever will only take you so far. To get the job done, you must have the tools to turn your iron will into results.

Did you know the vast majority of the people training in the SDTS Combatives program have something to lose? They have family, friends, something they value greater than themselves. Something they want to protect. They realize that the desire to protect is not enough. They want the right tools to turn their will into action and eventually success. That’s why they started training at

Dare I say the a lot of SDTS Legion members are lovers NOT fighters!

This is exactly what I always wanted. People who would rather have a good time but when pushed to their limit, would take a stand and end it. A Legion of tough guys (in the classic sense). It makes me weepy…

Happy Valentines Day.

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