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iFightBack App Shows You How to Kick Butt in Real World Scenarios

iFightBack is an app for your iPhone that gives users six real-world scenarios and the self defense solutions for them. The app, which is free, is from the Self Defense Company, the same people who created 60 Minute Self Defense and the Self Defense Training System.

If you’re curious about self defense and would like to know a few, basic self protection moves, download the iFightBack app. It features six real-world scenarios. Each scenario includes a replay of possible attacks where you would have to defend yourself. They range from being mugged on an elevator to having to fend off a rapist.

For each scenario there are three videos. The first shows you an ineffective defense. The second shows a successful defense from the Self Defense Training System. The third shows you step by step instruction on the same topic from self defense instructor, Damian Ross, who is also the CEO of the Self Defense Company.

iFightBack App Screenshot 1iFightBack App Screenshot 2

Be aware this app is not suggested for folks under the age of 17. This is mostly due to the violent nature of the reenacted scenes. But also due do the foul language that is featured prominently in almost every scenario.

The videos are short and sweet, but you will definitely come away with some sound self defense tips. For example, how to fend off an attacker that wraps his arms around you from behind.

Check out the app. Remember, it’s FREE.


2012 Self Defense Company Training Summit is Now Open for Registration

This summer, the Self Defense Company will hold the 2012 Self Defense Company Training Summit. The dates have just been announced. The event will start Tuesday, July 31 at 12pm and finish Saturday, August 4 at 4pm.

One fee covers all lodging, meals, training and entertainment for this event. It will be held at Ramapo College of New Jersey. It is located at 505 Ramapo Valley Road, Mahwah, New Jersey, 07430.

The 2012 training summit is an all-inclusive experience. Just pack your gear, get to the event, and everything will be taken care of. Each days consists of 6 hours of training, 1 hour of certification, 1 hour guest speaker and evening events.

2012 Self Defense Company Training Summit

The Training

The program will consist of training from two different Self Defense Company programs. All aspects of the Self Defense Training System and Guardian Defensive Tactics Police Combatives will be covered. In addition, you will have an opportunity to become certified at all levels. There will be about 35 hours of tactical training and 5 hours of class training at the event.

Daily Breakdown

Day 1: SDTS Level 1 Methods of Escape and Evasion, Essential Self Defense and Advanced Strikes (SDTS Modules 1 and 5)

Day 2: SDTS Level 2 Ground Fighting and Defense Vs. Mugs and Extreme Close Range Attacks (SDTS Modules 3 and 4)

Day 3: SDTS Level 3 Weapons offensive and Defensive Tactics (SDTS Modules 8 and 9)

Day 4: SDTS Level 4 Combat Take Downs and Quick Kills (SDTS Modules 10 and 12)

Day 5: Guardian Defensive Tactics Police Combatives

For more information on this one-of-a-king self defense training experience, just go here:

Modern Video Game Military Has No Use for Hand to Hand Training

Over the last few decades, the U.S. military has seen less need for lethal hand to hand combat skills. Advancements in technology, precision air strikes, superior small weapons and night vision have all but eliminated the need for serious hand to hand training. This trend has accelerated with the proliferation of the use of drones in warfare.

Today, modern hand to hand combat training has been replaced with confidence and team-building combat sport-oriented exercises. More training time is spent on physical conditioning, marksmanship, equipment operation and looking at a computer screen.

For the modern military, hand to hand confrontations are a remote possibility at best and soldiers found in these situations are forced to rely on sheer will to survive. The cost and time involved are too high for the expendable fighting soldier. Only specialized forces with the specific need STILL receive this tactical training. But now, the average citizen can have the very same training with The Self Defense Training System!

Modern warfare may have changed, but the brutal reality of self defense has always stayed the same: it’s still boots, fists, knives clubs and guns. Hand to hand, eye to eye, tooth and nail. You must do whatever it takes to survive and win. This is the spirit of The Self Defense Training System!

The Most Lethal Self Defense System is Yours for the Taking

For over 30 years, this deadly fighting system was locked behind closed doors and reserved for only an elite, close knit circle of citizens, soldiers and cops who only by word of mouth and sheer luck, could be trained is these lethal tactics. In the late 1980’s, Self Defense Company CEO, Damian Ross fell into this brutal brotherhood through some lifelong law enforcement contacts. Gaining an introduction, he found himself neck deep in some of the most brutal training he could have imagined. Damian Ross recalls,

“I remember thinking, this is what martial arts was supposed to be! I was studying Tae Kwon Do at the time and I thought I was learning a killing art, but that stuff never worked in the street. As soon as I saw this I knew this is what I’ve been looking for, my search was over!”

From that day forward, Damian dedicated his life to training and teaching these brutal methods. Over the next two decades he continued his research, refining methods and building a training system so that anyone, regardless of age, size or experience could become lethal. This systematized program of mayhem is known as The Self Defense Training System.

The system was let loose on the world in 2007 and continues to take the self defense world by storm and its all here, waiting for you to reap the benefits of a century of kill or be killed training.

There are 12 modules in the system. You can get the entire system all at once or you can get one module at a time on a monthly basis. There is even a free trial to get you started. Test drive this system for yourself.


Prepare the Ones You Care About with the Family Safe Program

Family Safe Self Defense for Children

We all tell kids that they aren’t supposed to talk to strangers. That’s a good start, but it’s not enough. The reason is there are two fatal flaws with that logic.

Strangers are far more cunning than you think. They use tricks, also called “dodges”, to appear like they need help from your child. They could say that they’re looking for another child. Or they could offer your son $50 to load some boxes into their vehicle.

Like any predator, strangers pick their prey and know specific ways to lure a child into isolation from the public eye. After that, it’s all over.

Another problem is that a lot of time, a sexual predator isn’t a stranger at all. It’s often a neighbor or even a relative. It’s someone who has a certain level of familiarity with your kids and that allows them access.

KIDS ARE SMARTER AND STRONGER THAN YOU THINK. The problem is that they sometimes can’t articulate what they feel. They have great instincts and know when something is wrong. All they need is a little nudge in the right direction to put those great instincts into survival skills.

In the Family Safe Program we do this by showing kids how to set specific boundaries and they discover them how to communicate their feelings to parents, teachers and care givers. We actually show you how to talk about these issues with your children to help them process these situations. We also give children a definite and precise course of action. No thinking is required. Once a condition is broken, they will react correctly and safely BEFORE it’s too late.

This isn’t martial arts or fighting. This is a psychological and tactical approach to a much larger, much more dangerous predator.

Check out the Family Safe Program for yourself:


Plans Are Being Made for the 2012 Self Defense Company Training Summit

Plans are being made for the 2012 Self Defense Company Training Summit.

How would you like to attend a training summit taught by the top self defense instructors in the U.S.? While we can’t reveal the full agenda yet, we can tell you that it will be an event not to be missed.

This event will be held in the latter part of the summer and be instructed by the staff of the Self Defense Company. It promises to be very exciting, with instruction during the day and activities at night. Plus there will be presenters and guest speakers.

The Self Defense Company it the leading self defense training company in the United States. It features self defense training on DVD as well as live training. It doesn’t matter your level of experience, newbie or seasoned veteran, the Self Defense Company has a training program for you.

Check back here in a few days and the full agenda of this event will be given, plus registration details.

To learn more about the most lethal self defense system in the world, just go to:


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