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Self Defense Training System Double Forearm Shiver

The Self Defense Training System

This is a technique that can be found in Module 4 of the Self Defense Training System entitled Defense vs. Mugs and Holds.

In this video, Damian Ross of the Self Defense Company demonstrates the double forearm shiver, which is designed to stop and shock your attacker when he gets too close.

Other systems train you to wait to be attacked and then they train you to focus on the initial attack. The real issue is that the initial grab is what preempts the actual attack. In most cases, the initial grab is only meant to be a distraction or as a way to pin you down and set up for the real, follow-up attack. The double forearm shiver is one of many tactics in Module 4 that enables you to react in extreme close range before it’s too late.

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Self Defense Training System Three Count Drill

This is a great video on the Three Count Drill. It is from Module 1 of the Self Defense Training System.

This system contains 12 Training Modules of Mayhem that takes you step by step through the process. Each module contains a Step-by-Step Training Manual, a Detailed Instructional DVD, and an Explicit Training and Drills DVD. The full system contains 13 manuals and 25 DVDs, for a total of almost 50 hours of hell, death, and destruction. If you want kick butt and take names, and learn what your local martial arts master wished he knew, check it out. But now, back to the Three Count Drill.

This drill is an excellent way for developing hand speed, power, conditioning for your hands, and confidence.

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