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Self Defense Training System Close Combat Knife Training

Here’s a video where Damian Ross, CEO of the Self Defense Company, shows you one of the many knife and edged weapon training drills that can be found in Module 9, Weapons and Offensive Tactics, of the Self Defense Training System.

While most experts practice hitting the air and playing tag, very few have actually ever stabbed ANYTHING. In fact, your local butcher has more real-world experience with a knife than your local martial arts guy.

Here are the topics you will learn in Module 9:

  • A knife system ,so deadly, even experts will be shaking in their belts
  • NEVER lose control of your weapon
  • Be deadly with any edged weapon in your hand
  • Have AWESOME impact weapon striking power and shatter whatever you hit
  • Have “Sneak Attacks” that are so devastating, they will be out cold before they know what hit them!
  • Have deadly close range club attacks
  • Know the outlawed two handed upper cut club stroke that will almost knock his head clean off!
  • Master two handed knife cuts that have NO defense
  • Deliver empty hand strikes and blows while you use your weapon of choice to finish the job
  • Utilize every surface of the weapon from any position or grip
  • Use weapons in ground fighting and send any rapist to the prison infirmary
  • Secretly hide weapons with a the SDC knife concealment and deployment system
  • Transform any club in your hand into a lethal weapon
  • Know “two finger” club strangles that will cause any criminal to go into convulsions

Now, back to the video:

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