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  1. Hi Rod,

    Does the SDTS Insider Training also contain 60 Minute Self Defense, Family Safe Self Defense, and Guardian Defender Tactics? I\’m looking for something my entire family can benefit from.


  2. Self Defense Training says:

    Hi Charles,

    The SDTS Insider Training covers the material that used to be in the 12 DVD home study course. However now, you don’t have to wait. You can sign up and start watching immediately.

    It covers the SDTS Combatives training, but not Family Safe Self Defense or Guardian Self Defense. Since I also own the 60 Minute Self Defense DVD, I can say for that DVD, they pulled out essential techniques from Module 1 and created that separate program which they called 60 Minute Self Defense. Well worth it if that is all you want to learn.

    The bottom line is Family Safe Self Defense and Guardian is not included. But if you sign up for the Insider training, 60 Minute Self Defense is really Module 1.

    I have watched Family Safe and it is really geared for small children. I do not have small children, but it was interesting to see Damian’s philosophy on what they should do.

    Thanks for the question.


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