Close Combat Training Stick Fighting Drill

This technique is from Module 9, Weapons Offensive Techniques, of the Self Defense Training System.

There is no deadlier person than a Self Defense Training System (SDTS) member with a weapon in his hands. In this module you will learn a knife fighting system that is so deadly, it has survived five wars and five decades.

You will also master a club fighting system that is so brutal it’s completely banned from stick fighting competition. Which brings us to our video.

Remember, this is a close combat training – stick fighting drill from Module 9:

For contrast, take a look at the 3 Foot Stick Fighting section from the US Army File Manual – Combatives, p.214. The actual techniques are shown in the illustrations on p.215 and p.216.

With the SDTS, there is no instructor needed. This training system was developed over decades of teaching and training thousands of people and is the benchmark for all self defense programs. You can join the ranks of scores of law enforcement officers, soldiers, civilians and martial artists who have decided to take charge of their training. What you know is only part of the equation, it’s how you do it that matters most.

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