60 Minute Self Defense – Techniques Keep You From Being a Victim

60 Minute Self Defense

You are just 60 minutes away from learning what you need to know in order to protect yourself and your family.

That’s right, 60 minutes.

Contrary to what you’ve been told, you do not have to be an ultimate fighter, super soldier or black belt to be able to defend yourself. You don’t need years of martial arts training and countless hours in a self defense class to know how to protect yourself. You just don’t.

Here is something rather astonishing. Five hundred martial arts experts were asked at a recent convention how long they would need to teach someone to defend themselves. The answers would turn most people off to learning self defense. The “experts” overwhelmingly said it would take between 2 and 5 years to teach someone how to defend themselves in an attack.

For most people, two to five years is a long time. Which is no wonder why people don’t bother learning self defense.

How about if you went down to your local martial arts studio and asked the EXPERT there? He would probably give you the same answer. If you asked him to show you something right now that would save your life, he wouldn’t have a clue what to tell you.

But if you asked one of the Self Defense Company Professional Instructors they would say they could teach you something in two seconds that you could use immediately. After ten minutes you would have a clear understanding. After sixty minutes, you would have all you need to know.

How can the Self Defense Company teach you in minutes what the rest of the martial arts and self defense world takes years to do?

The reason to this is simple. Martial arts and combat sports like mixed martial arts are based on fighting. They demand that you defeat your enemy. Well to survive you don’t need to fight, defeat or even hurt your attacker. A lot of people just want to know how to avoid and escape from dangerous situations. That’s why the first line of defense is ESCAPE and EVASION.

We know that it is infinitely harder to defeat an attacker than it is to escape from one. Martial arts and combat sports have forced us to think that self defense means we have to “beat people up”. That is not so.

Just remember, you don’t need a black belt to defend yourself. Also, you don’t have to change you life in order to save it. Once you understand how criminals and bullies pick their targets and what strategies they use to ambush you, you will be on your way to living a healthier, safer life.

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