Martial Arts Are Just Too Complicated

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The reason martial arts are too complicated is because they are sports-oriented and are based on a model where martial arts business owners benefit more the longer you stay. Martial arts are designed to keep you training longer. The longer you train, the more money you invest.

There are three things a martial arts school needs to survive: enrollment, retention and renewal. Get new students, keep new students and keep those new students coming back. School owners know a few things about their students. They know if you stay for 3 months, you will stay for a year. If you stay for a year, you will stay for three years. They also know that the average lifetime value of a student is around $1,200.00. In order to maximize profits, school owners need to keep the people who are interested involved and invested in training as long as possible.

Now, there is a certain prowess that comes from time spent in training. Saying, “I trained in something for 20 years” sounds a lot more impressive than training for 2 years. But really, if you can’t learn something in a few hundred hours, there’s something wrong with you, your instructor, or the system.

Contrary to martial arts, self defense is a skill, not an endeavor. A big problem is that martial arts schools have brainwashed students into thinking they need to spend decades trying to learn something. But deep down, they know it’s not true.

Damian Ross, CEO of the Self Defense Company and creator of the Self Defense Training System (SDTS), has been successful because he has treated self defense as a life skill. Not as a life style.

Martial Arts are great if you want to mentally and physically challenge yourself and become part of a community. In addition, martial arts can help you develop discipline and self confidence. But, martial arts are not self defense.

Many self defense systems have some good ideas, but they surround them with a bunch of other crap. Those systems make the mistake of treating self defense as a martial art, because they’re conditioned to do so. Somewhere down the road, you were lead to believe that the more techniques you knew, the better off you’d be. When in reality, all you need is to be able to do one thing really well.

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