Frequently-Asked Questions About the 60 Minute Self Defense Course

60 Minute Self Defense

If you are considering purchasing the 60 Minute Self Defense DVD course from the Self Defense Training Company, you may have questions you would like answered. Here are the answers to common questions about this in-home training course.

Q: I take martial arts, isn’t that self defense?

A: No. Martial arts are great for building character and getting in shape, but they are not self defense. Self defense is about execution of specific, simple skills under extreme circumstances. To survive an attack on the street, you need to develop a plan of action along with a simple go or no go condition. Criminals know what to say to disarm you and your children. The 60 Minute Self Defense Program™ will show you where to set your boundaries and give you and your family the most effective course of action.

Q: Do I need any experience to do the 60 Minute Self Defense Program™?

A: No. Even though a lot of martial artists add this to their training, self defense is a life skill, not an art. It is based on your survival instinct, all you need to do is go through the drills once (about 20 minutes) and you and your family are all set. There are no complicated moves to remember. The 60 Minute Self Defense Program™ will give you exactly what you need to spot danger, avoid and if need be protect your self in a manner that allows you to escape as quickly as possible.

Q: Will this take a lot of time to master?

A: No. If you go through the drills on the training DVD once and practice the drills on the sheet 10 times a year, that is all you will need. 60 Minute Self Defense Program™ works because it fits into any lifestyle.

Q: What is The Self Defense Training System™?

A: The Self Defense Training System™ or SDTS is the ultimate close quarters combat training program. It is a 12 step modular program that can be practiced at home. In only 2 times a week for 30 minutes, you and your family can train in close quarters combatives. Unlike martial arts, the simple, core movements are easily mastered in a short amount of time. The program includes 12 modules. Each module includes a Training and Drills DVD, an Instruction DVD plus a training manual. That’s 2 DVDS plus a manual in each of the 12 modules (13 manuals and 25 DVDs in total). In addition, you will also receive live support from the training forum to answer any of your training questions. The cost of the program is $57.59 per module. You will have the opportunity to try this program for free after you place your order. After you place your order, just click YES to start your FREE Trial of the Self Defense Training System™.

Q: What is the Family Safe Program™?

A: Family Safe Self Defense focuses on survival of your family including children ages 4 and older. 60 Minute Self Defense is what every man, woman and child should know about self defense. The Family Safe Program™ teaches you and your family how to work as a unit against violence. The program includes drills and tactics you can practice as together. Just like the 60 Minute Self Defense Program™ all you need to do is run through the program drills once for it to work. You will have an opportunity to purchase this program for $19.67 (with 2 instant bonuses) after you place your order for your 60 Minute Self Defense Program™.

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