SDTS Module 12 Quick Kills and Finishing Techniques

The Self Defense Training System

Self Defense Training System – Module 12

BANNED BY LAW! This is your final stop on your road to ultimate bad ass. These are the only proven methods of lethal hand-to-hand techniques known to man and they are all in Module 12. These are at the end of the training for one simple reason, they have to be. This is not the “death touch” nonsense that a lot of martial arts mistakenly believe exists. This is pure, concentrated lethal tactics.

After Module 12 of the Self Defense Training System you will know:

  • How to really strangle someone BEYOND the tap!
  • The only lethal target areas on the human body.
  • How the ancient samurai dislocated an enemy’s neck.
  • A boot stomping technique that would make the crew from “Good Fellas” jealous.
  • How to lethally end the fight on the ground.
  • How to use a man’s bodyweight to snap his neck like a twig (no Hollywood BS neck snap).
  • The only technique that guarantees a “kill” every time!
  • How soldiers “take out” a sentry with their bare hands.
  • The old school Chest Crushing stomp.
  • How to lethally end the fight using your enemy’s jacket.
  • How to crush a man’s throat like a beer can.
  • The only three ways humans can die in combat.

When you complete Module 12, you will know all there is to know about man-on-man violence. You will be the expert, you will be feared. Make no mistake, if you follow the program you will be an extremely dangerous person. Every aspect of close quarters combat will be at your disposal. You will be a lethal weapon.

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