SDTS Module 9 – Weapons Offensive Tactics with the Knife and Club

The Self Defense Training System

There is no deadlier person than a Self Defense Training System member with a weapon in his hands. You will learn a knife fighting system so deadly that it has survived five wars and over five decades. In addition, you will master a club fighting system so brutal that it’s completely banned from stick fighting competition.

After completing Module 9 of the Self Defense Training System, you will:

  • Know a knife system so deadly even experts will be shaking in their belts.
  • Have AWESOME impact weapon striking power and shatter whatever you hit.
  • Utilize every surface of the weapon from any position or grip and more.
  • Deliver empty hand strikes and blows while you use your weapon of choice to finish the job.
  • Have “Sneak Attacks” that are so devastating, they will be out cold before they know what hit them!
  • Be deadly with any edged weapon in your hand.
  • Use weapons in ground fighting and send any rapist to the prison infirmary.
  • Have deadly close range club attacks.
  • Secretly hide weapons with the SDC knife concealment and deployment system.
  • Master two handed knife cuts that have NO defense.
  • Know “two finger” club strangles that will cause any criminal to go into convulsions.
  • Know the outlawed two handed upper cut club stroke that will almost knock his head clean off!
  • NEVER lose control of your weapon.
  • Transform any club in your hand into a lethal weapon.

After finishing Module 9, you will be feared by all and avoided by most. Any weapon in your hand will turn into an instrument of justice. This module combined with your previous training completes your core training in the world’s most lethal self defense training system.

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