Module 7 Combat Conditioning in The Self Defense Training System

The Self Defense Training System

You can have core combat power and endurance.

Module 7 of the Self Defense Training System, is a complete combat physical training program. In this module you will learn all you need to know to prepare your body for war.

The training starts with a light, low-impact exercise regiment and then escalates to extremely intensive hardcore explosiveness. When you have completed Module 7, you will be able to hold your own Combat Conditioning Class! Module 7 also includes a section on group training and conditioning.

After completing SDTS Module 7, you will:

  • Hit like a heavyweight.
  • Get you into incredible shape without ever going to the gym.
  • Have the inexhaustible endurance of a marathon runner.
  • Have a gorilla grip that will wilt anyone you put your hands on.
  • Have endurance that will allow you to fight for hours on end.
  • Have functional, combat strength, not beach body bullshit!
  • Be in Combat Ready Physical Condition.
  • Recover instantly, no more trying to catch you breath.
  • Possess the coordination and skill of an Olympic athlete.
  • Know team drills that you can torture your friends with and more.
  • Withstand any prolonged fighting engagement.
  • Have an never ending stream of energy and power.

When you complete Module 7 you will hit harder, go farther and faster than you ever thought possible. After incorporating this power-building, fat-burning, core-explosive training into your routine, you will become the complete package, the ultimate warrior.

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