Self Defense Training System Module 6 – Body Conditioning

The Self Defense Training System

Learn how to become impervious to pain. Module 6 of the Self Defense Training System (SDTS) is one of the most important, most overlooked aspects of self defense training: Conditioning your body to withstand the punishment of combat.

In this module, you will not only build armor-like resistance to any strike or strangle. You will also gain the mental edge reserved only for Olympians, professional athletes and elite soldiers.

Module 6 is a comprehensive conditioning program that will show you how to forge your body to resist pain. This is the same type of training hardcore Japanese Karate Experts and Chinese Monks put themselves through. These once-secret methods are available to you in Module 6.

After Module 6 you will:

  • Make your body (even your testicles!) like armor.
  • Make your thumb like the tip of a spear.
  • Condition your legs to withstand any kick.
  • Make your strangles work on ANYONE with the BRICK STRANGLE DRILL.
  • Turn your kicks into weapons of mass destruction.
  • Turn your finger tips into spikes.
  • Develop your liver and spleen to take massive hits.
  • Make you bladder impervious to shock.
  • Make your arms in to lead pipes.
  • Develop your solar plexus to take any strike.
  • Resist any strangle (this is the same secret training the Japanese Olympic team does!).
  • Condition your head to deliver devastating close range blows.
  • Have REAL one-shot knock out punching power.
  • Create a DEATH GRIP. Once you grab on, there’s no letting go and more.
  • Make your chin impervious to knock out strikes.
  • Make your shins as strong as oak.
  • Forge your fists into iron hammers.

After completing Module 6 you will be able to take as much as you dish out. In the slim chance that someone sucker punches you, you’ll be able to turn and smile and say Thank you for giving me a reason to kick the !?**>& out of you.

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