Module 5 – Escape and Evasion – Self Defense Training System

The Self Defense Training System

There are days when you just can’t be bothered to beat the snot out of someone. At these times, ESCAPE is your best option. Module 5 of the Self Defense Training System shows you how to escape from ANY situation. It trains you to use tactics that limit and control your body weight and heightens your directional mobility, thereby maximizing your ability to escape and evade capture.

This is a great module to share with family, friends and loved ones. They may have no desire to be lethal, but they better know how to escape and survive, so they can live for another day.

In Module 5, you will:

  • Use your elbow like a battle axe.
  • Strategically position yourself to take on multiple assaults from multiple directions.
  • Be a human SHREDDER with these Escape and Evasion Combination Drills.
  • Use pepper spray the RIGHT way.
  • Use your thumb to completely dismantle your enemy.
  • Attack with power from ANY direction.
  • Chop an enemy down instantly.
  • Escape from any hold.
  • Break both collarbones of a man with just one shot.
  • Be able to fight scores of attackers.
  • Distract anyone with a simple personal alarm.
  • Use only the tips of your fingers to stop any attacker dead in his tracks.
  • Create avenues of escape instantly.
  • Kick like a mule in any direction.

When you complete Module 5, you will be able to get out of any trouble no matter how far over your head you are. From gang bangers to battalions, Module 5 will keep you sticking and moving until you decide its time to drop the hammer or get out of town.

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