Self Defense Training Sys Module 4 – Defense Against Mugs & Holds

The Self Defense Training System

You can’t recall separate techniques for separate situations. That is a myth. This is not the dojo or a demo. This is the real world where your attacker is not a rehearsed training partner. He’s a crack starved junkie or even a gang member. When you’re trying to find your car at 2:00 in the morning, that piece of garbage is not going to “attack you the right way”, the way you have practices. He’s going to try to rip your head off, which is why you have to react instinctively and brutally.

Module 4 of the Self Defense Training System deals with Mugs and Holds. Here is what you learn:

  • Crush anyone who tries to bear hug you- no matter how big they are.
  • Escape a rear naked strangle with ease.
  • Eliminate any enemy who tries a sneak attack from the rear.
  • Knock out anyone out dumb enough to try and “jack you up”.
  • Pummel anyone who tries to tackle you.
  • Escape from any “come-along” tactic.
  • Escape from any head lock.
  • Defend against any wrist or arm grab with only one technique!
  • Destroy the coward who tries to sucker punch you.
  • Flatten anyone stupid enough who tries to choke you.(
  • Shock an attacker with the Double Forearm Shiver.
  • Train to attack in the “Lethal Red Zone” before its too late.
  • Deflate the next blow hard drunk who gets in your face.
  • Know what to do if you are pinned against a wall.
  • Grind your attackers testicles into powder with just one hand.
  • Master both the grabs and the extreme close range.
  • Obliterate any uninvited guest who invades your space.
  • Defeat the “hold and hit”: When one guy grabs you and the other tries to punch your lights out.
  • Instantly defeat any intimidation technique.
  • Use the dreaded reeling elbows to back off a gang attack.
  • Wreck the next person who tries to rip your hair out and drag you across the room.

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