Self Defense Training System Module 3 – Ground Fighting for Keeps

The Self Defense Training System

When you’re in a street fight, the last place you want to end up is on the ground. If you end up on there, you may end up in the hospital, or worse, end up dead. That is just an unfortunate fact.

Grappling is nice for competition but you will get turned into chopped meat if you try that stuff on the street. Because, while you’re trying to put an arm bar on your opponent, he’s stabbing you while his friend is kicking you in the head.

Module 3 of the Self Defense Training System eliminates the need for grappling and teaches you the essential techniques for surviving a ground attack. Here is what you will learn:

  • WIN any ground fight without knowing how to grapple at all.
  • mash your attackers legs to splinters with the unknown “Churning Stomp”.
  • Fight and survive against multiple attackers (even on the ground).
  • Escape from any strangle in one move.
  • Be able to escape from any position on the ground in the blink of an eye.
  • Know how to take an attacker instantly off his feet even when he’s standing over you.
  • Escape from any pin or hold down with one move.
  • Know every dirty trick outlawed by every Mixed Martial Arts and UFC competition.(What those guys don’t know, WILL kill them).
  • Perform illegal and outlawed “combination chokes” (the ones even MMA fighter don’t know).
  • Escape from any leg lock in one move.
  • Turn anyone’s hand to broken bags of bones when they try to ground and pound you.
  • Escape from any arm bar in one move.
  • Get to your feet before his buddy has a chance to jump in.
  • Know how to pulverize your attacker with the SDTS version of the “Ground and Pound”.
  • Systematically escape the mount.
  • Destroy anyone’s guard.

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