Self Defense Training System – Module 2 – Advanced Strikes

Simple put, Module 2 gives you EVERY CHEAP SHOT in the book. You will discover how to turn any part of your body into a weapon of mass destruction.

Building on what you learned in Module 1, you will see how to channel your new-found explosive power through techniques most martial arts masters wish they knew. You will learn how to be deadly at any range when you can turn every conceivable part of your body into a weapon.

In addition to the unorthodox and downright devious strikes in this module, there is also a complete Head Butting system. There is a right way and a wrong way to do head butts and you will learn the right way.

Module 2 also contains a complete Elbow Striking system. This system will help you to get out of some very dangerous situations.

The Head Butting and Elbow Striking systems could have been made into separate modules, but we spared no expense and crammed them into Module 2. When you complete this module, you will know more about street violence and pure combat than any martial arts master.

Here is a breakdown of what you’ll learn:

  • Crush any man’s face from 3 inches away.
  • Use the side of your fist to pulverize your target into mush.
  • Knock a man’s head from his shoulders with the SDC Style Double Chin Jab.
  • Fight out off an angry mob.
  • Use our complete “Head butting System” and turn the toughest barroom brawler into a weeping, bleeding baby.
  • Dislocate a rapist’s neck with one strike.
  • Send a grown man into convulsions with the “nut-smasher”!
  • Turn your elbows into sledgehammers with this concussive elbow striking system.
  • Make the softest part of your hand a deadly weapon.
  • Create SHOCK AND AWE with this NEVER BFORE seen Hip Strike technique.
  • Destroy a man’s knee with just the arch of your foot.
  • Snap an enemy’s neck like a twig.
  • Crush an attacker’s throat like a beer can.
  • Disorient and confuse any man with the ATOMIC PIMP SLAP.
  • Turn even the most brutal killer into a harmless puppy with this extreme version of the Hand Yoke.

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