Guardian Defensive Tactics Underhook Takedown to Cuffing

Guardian Defensive Tactics - Police Combatives

Any confrontation begins with verbal skills. All decisions are based on the ego and risk/reward. If necessary, you want to get a subject out of an area without embarassing them. This works much better than just using straight confrontation on them from wherever they are. Beyond that requires the use of force.

When it’s on, you’ve got to go in like a lion and take control of a situation. If you start off in a physical confrontation where you are behind your assailant, and you are waiting for him to up the ante, and escalate the force, you are going to put yourself behind the eight ball and that’s when you get in danger. It’s better to start off, come in hard, and then back off the force as you get control of the situation.

This video is about the techniques you can use to gain control of a situation.

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