Where Do You Put Your Hands When Facing a Weapon Attack?

Have you ever thought of where you should put your hands when you are facing a weapon attack?

In Module 8 of the Self Defense Training System Combatives program, you learn how to break attacks down into two primary types of weapon attacks:

  • Dynamic attacks, where your attacker is actively trying to bludgeon, stab or shoot you.
  • Static attacks where you are being held in a mugging or interrogation situation.

Here is a video from Instructor Tom Powers of Tomahawk Self Defense in Tomahawk, WI. He has a great rule for this situation:

Weapon high, hands high, weapon low, hands low.

In the video, Tom demonstrates the two types of weapon attacks.

Notice that Tom has made some great modifications to B.O.B. so he can practice weapon attacks. Very inventive. I’m going to copy what he did.

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