Damian Ross Demonstrates Use of the Yawara Stick in Self Defense

Here’s a great video on the use of the Yawara Stick by Damian Ross, CEO of the Self Defense Company. The Yawara Stick is a type of fist pack and it’s bad news if you are on the receiving end of it.

In the video, Damian first explains what a Yawara Stick is and how many household items could be used in a similar fashion. He then goes on to demonstrate several types of strikes and blows with the weapon.

Here’s the video:

This weapon is covered in Module 11, Old School Weapons and Techniques, of the Self Defense Training System.

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  1. Joe Bertoni says:

    The Yawara Stick is a great tool for self defense. As a Deputy I have been carrying and using one on patrol for years. I believe this tool is under used by law enforcement and citizens. I do not carry one when off duty, but the principals can be applied to several other improvised weapons. Plus it is a great workout.

  2. booplover says:

    I am a recent customer, so here’s my 2 cents:

    The owner of the company, Joe Bertoni, is a law enforcement officer with hands-on experience using a yawara stick, both on and off duty. He is reachable by phone, email or facebook and was helpful in answering the questions I had about his sticks and his experience. He offers free training videos on his site and offers an On-The-Go audio file that can be downloaded on a smart phone or computer. They were affordable enough so I ordered both sticks and the audio file.

    You can’t beat yawara as an effective, non-lethal, easy to learn and use self defense system. I practice Filipino martial arts so am familiar with how effective a “palm stick” is. The yawara or “palm stick” is effective because of its simplicity. It’s so easy to conceal and light that you can bring it anywhere; no holsters or clips. Just slip one in pocket or purse.

    Anyone can learn to use it at any age, and with or without prior experience in the martial arts. It’s just an extension of your hand so any strikes/blocks you would normally do can be enhanced. Also, most people don’t know what these sticks are. Since it looks like a hairbrush or marker pen, an attacker will probably dismiss it as a weapon. Your defense will be a complete surprise combined with crippling pain-a definite game-changer for the attacker who thought he’d finish you off quick.

    Imagine you are the attacker. As you move to grab or hit your victim the next thing you feel is a solid stick thrust through the back of your eye socket, or through your trachea. Maybe you’re lucky and the your solar plexus or ribs are the target. Either way your pain and mental state of confusion will probably take the fight out of you long enough for your victim to escape unharmed.

    If you decide to purchase from him you won’t be disappointed in the hand-crafted work and finish. The sticks have contours cut in them to ensure a strong grip. I strongly suggest you also order the audio file for training. You watch his free videos on the website to show you how to strike with the sticks, then use the audio file on your phone, or computer for to practice on the go. You will appreciate the last part of the audio file where he give tips from his hands on experience about the psychology of an attacker. He explains how to leave the attacker temporarily confused just long enough to land an effective attack.

  3. Geoff Casey says:

    Yawara or Kubaton sticks are effective weapons that are often overlooked. They are easy to use in a self defense situation-very little training is needed to learn them well enough to defend yourself. They are inconspicuous and can be carried/concealed anywhere, except for the U.K. Since it is just an extension of your hands, these weapons can be used alone, or can be practiced with any martial arts discipline. Some fit nicely in the back pocket right next to the wallet. Next time a mugger demands the wallet, “sure no prob,” reaching back for it then strike the mugger’s face with blunt end of your yawara stick. Good idea, huh? No blood, no one dies (no bullet casings with prints left behind), and since this weapon is not well known, chances are no one else would know how to use it against you.

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