The Martial Arts Back Breaker

The Self Defense Training System

In the Self Defense Training System, Module 4 is where we “break the back” of martial arts.

Martial arts teach a specific defense for a specific attack. If the opponent grabs your wrist, you do one defense, if he grabs your collar, you do another and so on and so forth until you have memorized dozens of reactions to dozens of different attacks.

The list goes on and the possibilities are infinite. As you know by now, your mind doesn’t work like that.

All of the tactics of the Self Defense Training System are broken down into distance, position, momentum and balance which we call the Four Pillars of Self Defense.

That’s it. In Module 4, we use these principles and apply them to front assaults, rear assaults and body grabs. You only need a handful of techniques to successfully annihilate anyone who puts there hands on you or even gets into your personal space.

Finally, the Self Defense Training System Module 4 trains you to react and not to wait. When you train in other self defense systems, you’re taught to wait until your attacker grabs you or gets into your personal space. And to be honest, that’s all a good street fighter needs to win. When you train to wait, you’re giving up the two of the 4 pillars of self defense (distance and momentum).

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