Improvised Blackjack Inspired by Module 11 Old School Weapons

A Blackjack or Cosh is a small, easily-concealed club consisting of a leather-wrapped lead weight attached to the end of a leather-wrapped coil spring or rigid shaft. It generally has a lanyard or strap on the end opposite the weight. Other materials besides lead and leather can be used to construct these weapons, but the design principle, a soft covering over a dense, weighted core, generally remains the same.

The weapon works by creating kinetic energy in the core, by way of the spring handle, during the swing. When directed at the head, the blackjack concusses the brain without cutting the scalp. This is meant to stun or knock out the subject. However, head strikes from blackjacks are often fatal.

Blackjacks were very popular among law-enforcement personnel for a time because of their low profile, small size, and suitability for knocking someone unconscious. They are currently prohibited in most cities due to liability issues arising from their potential lethality.

The following video was inspired by Module 11 of the Self Defense Training System called Old School Weapons and Tactics. Here, Damian Ross, CEO of the Self Defense Company, converts simple household items into a devastating impact weapon.

Watching this video, you can get an idea of how easy it is to improvise a weapon based on the items around you.

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