Former Israeli Special Forces Reviews Self Defense Training System

Yesterday, I read a great review of the Self Defense Training System (SDTS) by a former member of Israeli Special Forces. It’s worth reading his thoughts on the SDTS:

Dear Mr. Ross,

I’ve been looking for a forum to respond to your recent critiques of martial arts as self defense. While likewise responding to what seems to be a “snobbiness” on the part of purist martial artists. I served in the Israeli Navy in a Special Forces unit and there learned my Krav Maga. I’ve also studied Shotokan Karate as a child and an adult. For the last few years I have been a practitioner of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Having spent three years in Lebanon in the 80’s and being involved in different hand to hand combat real life scenarios both in military and as a private citizen working as a bouncer and other security work in my youth, I can honestly say that your system, The Self Defense Training System (based on it’s relationship from Fairbairn’s Defendu) is the most effective defense system for a trained martial artist or simple citizen.

I have been receiving the Training Modules each month in the Free Trial Subscription program. I’m on Module 6 and on the way to collecting the whole system. I commend you on your work and simple presentation. This program actually may help someone protect themselves from within the first few minutes of watching the first dvd! Any martial artist that can not appreciate that fact is not a true martial artist interested in the art from a human perspective of a combat system actually protecting someone. Isn’t that what most martial arts pretend to be?

With Deep Respect and Regards,
Reuvein Scharf

That was a great review.

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