How to Take Down An Active Shooter

How would you take down an active shooter ? No gun, no weapon, just you and the dozens of other people around you waiting...hoping you're not going to be next. Today this is a VERY REAL concern. There may come a time where you and the people around you are facing a life and death situation with only a small window to save yourself. Today I want to show you how you can overpower the shooter and give yourself a fighting chance. This will be a WORST CASE scenario. Nothing to injure or distract the shooter, it is just you and the other people like you stuck in this horrific situation. Remember, there are no guarantees only increased percentages of survival. To help you we're going to use a simple combination takedown of the HAND YOKE and the HOCKEY TAKE DOWN from the Protector Program. The time to execute this takedown is when the shooter is: • Reloading • Moving over or through or past an obstacle • Moving past doorways, corners and … [Read More...]

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